City getting 4 more buses

City Council authorized River Valley Transit Thursday to enter into a contract with Gillig, a bus producer, for four more compressed natural gas buses.

That brings the city fleet to 23 buses that operate on the cleaner fuel.

The goal for River Valley Transit is to reach 27 buses operating on compressed natural gas, Nichols said.

Council is allowing the administration to certify a local match for State Operating Financial Assistance for River Valley Transit.

The assistance is $4.3 million and the local match required is $405,000, he said.

The city share is $210,000, while the remainder is covered by the 18 partners of River Valley Transit that share in the ride programs.

Nichols said the transit systems across the state are expecting $300,000 less from the state Department of Transportation in 2020 due to litigation between the state and Turnpike Commission.