Medical marijuana operations coming; Monitoring is key

Medical marijuana dispensing is coming to Lycoming County.

The Keystone Center of Integrative Wellness, with local headquarters in Williamsport, was among the 27 entities recently selected for a permit to operate dispensaries under the Pennsylvania medical marijuana law.

Keystone may operate up to three outlets locally.

The dispensaries are expected to be up and running next year.

In the meantime, there have been assurances from the state that the dispensaries will be strictly monitored to assure they are dispensing exactly what regulations call for – medical marijuana.

The selected entities will start to implement the business plans they outlined in their applications, addressing aspects of operations such as security, transportation and employee background checks.

The state government will conduct inspections to assure all regulations are being followed.

With recent state Legislature action, Pennsylvania joined the growing number of states allowing dispensing of medical marijuana.

The Pennsylvania law allows people who suffer from a list of conditions – and only those people – to obtain the drug as pills, vapor, ointment or liquid, but not in smokeable form.

Our view is that close monitoring and a strict follow through on dispensing regulations can make the passage of the law and the resulting operations ultimately a plus for Pennsylvania.

Anything less than that needs to be dealt with swiftly.