Immigration crisis will end when political grandstanding is aborted

Most illegal immigrants come to our country seeking economic opportunity. A few are fleeing violence or the threat of it.

And many, the children to whom our hearts have gone out during recent weeks, have no say in the matter.

But some of those coming across the southern border are bent on evil.

In handling illegal immigrants, U.S. officials should make it a point to identify and punish them severely.

It has been pointed out some of the children being brought here are coming not with parents, but with adults who intend to sell them as sex slaves or profit from their forced labor.

Occasionally, reporters trying to get at the truth come across suspicious situations. Recently, an Associated Press journalist accompanying Border Patrol agents was present when they apprehended a man carrying a 4-month-old baby from Honduras.

He claimed first to be her father, then switched to uncle. He presented a birth certificate that appeared to be a forgery.

Agents took the little girl and contacted the Hondouran embassy.

It is to be hoped officials from that country can learn the truth.

If the man carrying the baby is found to have been engaged in exploitation, he ought to be arrested and thrown into a U.S. prison for many years. So should others who prey on helpless immigrants, especially those whose victims are children.

There is a special place in hell for such creatures. There ought to be special places in U.S. prisons for them, too.

The answer to these atrocities is not to abolish the Immigration and Custom Enforcement agency, as some political opportunists have, with willful inaccuracy on their role, been pushing.

It is the height of hypocrisy for politicians to make a political enemy of the men and women who are risking their lives to enforce laws passed by Congress.

It is the height of hypocrisy for journalists to make no distinction between people entering the country legally and going through the correct immigration process and those knowingly entering illegally with children as their shields – often falsely claiming to be parents and usually with no positive outcomes in mind.

And it is almost all unnecessary.

• Revise the laws to make those distinctions more clear.

• Build a wall to protect this country’s borders – a completely logical tool for legal immigration.

• Support the hard work of our border patrol and immigration officials.

• Continue to let in more immigrants – legally – than any country in the world.

• And, finally, Congress, stop dishonestly dividing the country with political gamesmanship and do your job before something horrible happens.