Marino’s resignation leaves representation hole – and opportunity

U.S. Rep. Marino always promised he would not be a congressional lifer.

But he surprised constituents by announcing his resignation a couple weeks into his fifth term following a hard-fought election to a redrawn 12th Congressional District.

Marino, who has spent much of his life in the public sector as a federal prosecutor and Lycoming County district attorney prior to being elected to Congress, said he is taking a job in private sector.

He says he will be using his “legal and business experience to create jobs around the nation.”

For the good of the district, it would have been better for constituents had he decided that last year and not run for a fifth term.

The district is now left with a special election to deal with in the next few months and Marino’s opponent in last fall’s election already has announced he will run for the position. We would suspect at least one Republican hopeful will emerge in the coming weeks.

It’s not the best situation considering Marino’s strong showing at the polls in a new Congressional district. But it appears he has found other ways to serve the public’s interest, so it’s best that a new representative for the 12th District be elected.

We have not always agreed with Marino’s stances, but we believe he has represented the district’s priorities and political leanings well and with dedication and hard work.

The best the district can hope for is a replacement that does the same.

The 12th District is largely rural and far-flung, with a redrawn boundary bleeding westward that makes the goal of matching a candidate with the predominant political leanings of constituents more difficult.

Elected representation is a serious matter. We are hopeful the end result of this abrupt opening will be solid representation of our region.