Hughesville’s Foust wins 1,600 showdown

HUGHESVILLE – Hunter Foust was in no hurry to run to the front of the pack. The Hughesville junior waited patiently in line for the first half of the 1,600-meter run Tuesday.

After about 900 meters, Foust made his first of two moves. He pulled in front of the pack in one of the most anticipated races of the day. He held on to that spot for the final 700 meters, creating more distance between he and second place along the way.

Foust defeated South Williamsport’s Port Habalar and Warrior Run’s Caden Dufrene in a matchup of runners who are among the top in District 4 in distance events. For the first track meet of the year, it was a brilliant battle which provided a measuring stick for all three runners.

“I love that competition because iron sharpens iron,” Foust said. “You’re not going to get better by running with people who aren’t as good as you. So it felt really good to get out there and run against two really good guys.”

The boys’ 1,600-meter run was the highlight of a season-opener for Hughesville, South Williamsport and Warrior Run on Tuesday. On the boys side, South Williamsport took a pair of wins beating Hughesville (90-55) and Warrior Run (88-59). New Hughesville coach Griffin Molino earned his first win, 81-62, over Warrior Run as the Spartans split a pair of duals.

On the girls side, Hughesville was dominant beating South Williamsport (120-29) and Warrior Run (107-43). South Williamsport beat Warrior Run, 72-61.

“We have a lot of kids who came out of the box well,” Hughesville girls coach Rick Glenwright said. “Our ninth-grade class is one of the better ones we’ve had in several years, and we’re pretty pleased. We didn’t know what they would have due to the fact that we’ve had this break, but we were very pleased.”

Foust is coming off a district championship during cross country season, and he and Habalar finished 18th and 20th, respectively, in the Class A state cross country meet. Dufrene was a bronze medalist in the district meet in Class AA, qualifying for the state meet.

Those three broke from the pack almost immediately as the race started, but Foust let Dufrene and Habalar take the lead. Habalar led the first two laps of the race with a modest pace. The plan all along for Foust was to wait for the right moment to make a move on the rest of the field.

That move came in two waves. The first established him as the race-leader on the third lap of the four-lap race. The second move was a kick over the final 300 meters to create some distance between he and second place. His winning time of 4 minutes, 43.2 seconds was maybe a little slower than he and Hughesville coach Griffin Molino wanted, but it was good enough to win a competitive race.

“I feel like it’s a lot more important to run a smart race than to PR,” Foust said. “You know where you’re at and you know how to pace yourself. You’re getting ready for the season and big meets like that.”

“I think that’s a fantastic confidence boost and something he can take into consideration when we line up for districts and he can say ‘I beat these guys,'” said Molino, who is in his first season as Hughesville’s coach. “The time wasn’t exactly what we wanted, but I think we have at least 10 moe seconds we left out there (Tuesday). But in terms of confidence, that was big for us.”

This kind of performance from Foust shouldn’t be surprising. He’s been a runner to worry about since he broke on to the cross country scene as a freshman. The last time he ran in a race in a high school track meet two years ago, Foust set a personal best in the 1,600 at the District 4 meet.

He didn’t qualify for the state meet two years ago in either the 1,600 or 3,200, but he showed just how much he had grown as a runner this past fall. He led the Spartans to a district team title and a fourth-place finish at the state meet.

And even though Habalar was the returning track state qualifier in Tuesday’s race in the 1,600, it felt like Foust was the favorite all along. He won the physical battle, but he also won the strategic battle. But Habalar and Dufrene provided just the kind of race which will become so important in this spring season where all the major invitationals which would normally test the top runners aren’t being held.

“I felt a lot more confident coming back this year and I threw down some good times (in the fall),” Foust said. “My plan (Tuesday) was to see how I felt on the third lap and start my kick to try and get some distance. It worked out just the way I figured. It was a good race.”

“It was good for (Dufrene) to be pushed like that because we don’t have another distance runner that’s going to push him like that,” Warrior Run coach Shaun Landis said. “I think he was a little bit flat, but he’ll bounce back. It’s good to see where he is in this competition.”

It was good to see any kind of competition on the track Tuesday considering all these athletes had their season taken from them by the COVID-19 pandemic last spring. As much as times and distances were important Tuesday, competing seemed to be far more important.

There were plenty of performances worth noting, including South Williamsport’s Hayden Swinehart winning a trio of events (100, 200 and 400). Warrior Run’s Spencer Tanner had a career day winning all three jumps for Warrior Run and setting personal bests in all three.

Hughesville’s Alex Snyder placed in the top three in all three throws and added a second place in the high jump. And Sarah Gardner won both hurdles events as the Spartans swept the tri-meet. Karlee Wallis hit a personal best by more than two feet in the shot put to take the victory. She also finished second in the discus.

“You can’t just pick up things at home and throw,” Glenwright said. “Karlee PRed in the shot put by two feet and part of that is the maturation process and being a bit older, but she’s also worked at it. Something like the javelin and the discus where it’s more about timing, those are going to take some time to get.”

South Williamsport’s Elizabeth Manning won the 100 and 400 for the Mounties, and returning state silver medalist Lauren Trapani threw down a Top-10 time in the state in the 1,600 in her first competition for Warrior Run.

“Just the fact that the kids can come out and enjoy the sport again is great,” Landis said. “Certainly we have our challenges, but to have a meet on a day like today, we kept saying to take advantage of the opportunities you’re given. We have a great day and we had great competition. And the kids performed pretty well.”

Boys Results

South Williamsport 90, Hughesville 55

Huhesville 81, Warrior Run 62

South Williamsport 88, Warrior Run 59

3,200 relay: 1. Hughesville (Camden Fetterman, Hunter Foust, Morgan Gavitt, Logan Long), 8:33.8.

110 hurdles: 1. Nicholas Houseknecht, H, 17.7; 2. Brock Weaver, SW, 19.1; 3. Gavin Hunsinger, SW, 19.5

100: 1. Hayden Swinehart, SW, 11.4; 2. Anthony Nanton, H, 11.5; 3. Tanner Bradley, H, 11.6.

1,600: 1. Hunter Foust, H, 4:43.20; 2. Port Habalar, SW, 4:45.40; 3. Caden Dufrene, WR, 4:53.80.

400 relay: 1. South Williamsport (Gavin Hunsinger, Lane Lusk, Riley Hockman, Landyn Gephart), 51.0.

400: 1. Hayden Swinehart, SW, 53.90; 2. Tanner Bradley, H, 1:00.10; 3. Matthew McClain, H, 1:05.20.

300 hurdles: 1. Nicholas Houseknecht, H, 44.90; 2. Cody Goodspeed, WR, 49.20; 3. Gavin Hunsinger, SW, 49.50.

800: 1. Quaid Molino, SW, 2:06.80; 2. Port Habalar, SW, 2:09.60; 3. Logan Long, H, 2:13.0.

200: 1. Hayden Swinehart, SW, 23.70; 2. Anthony Nanton, H, 23.70; 3. Nicholas Bragalone, H, 26.10.

3,200: 1. Morgan Gavitt, H, 10:09.90; 2. Caden Dufrene, WR, 10:11.0; 3. Evan Laudenslager, SW, 10:20.0.

1,600 relay: 1. South Williamsport (Hayden Swinehart, Quaid Molino, Evan Laudenslager, Port Habalar), 3:39.0.

Shot put: 1. Austin Bowersox, SW, 38-9 1/2; 2. Clayton Swarthout, SW, 38-4; 3. Lane Lusk, SW, 35-3.

Discus: 1. Austin Bowersox, SW, 107-6; 2. Wyatt Forwood, H, 103-11; 3. Gabe Larson, H, 96-8.

Javelin: 1. Nathan McCormack, WR, 117-6; 2. Austin Bowersox, SW, 109-10; 3. Riley Hockman, SW, 108-4.

Long jump: 1. Spencer Tanner, WR, 18-7 1/2; 2. Brock Weaver, SW, 18-0 1/2; 3. Nathan McCormack, WR, 16-3.

Triple jump: 1. Spencer Tanner, WR, 38-2 1/2; 2. Brock Weaver, SW, 35-3; 3. Lane Lusk, SW, 33-11 1/2.

High jump: 1. Spencer Tanner, WR, 5-11; 2. Coltin Pentycofe, WR, 5-0; 3. Jackson Swinehart, SW, 4-10.

Pole vault: 1. Kaden Majcher, WR, 11-6; 2. Max Kennel, WR, 11-6; 3. Isaac Butler, WR, 9-0.

Girls Results

Hughesville 120, South Williamsport 29

Hughesville 107, Warrior Run 43

South Williamsport 72, Warrior Run 61

3,200 relay: 1. Hughesville (Hailey Poust, Madi Paulhamus, Katie Miller, Elizabeth Fortin), 13:00.4.

100 hurdles: 1. Sarah Gardner, H, 17.4; 2. Kylie Liebersohn, H, 18.5; 3. Claudia Green, SW, 20.20.

100: t-1. Elizabeth Manning, SW, 12.8; t-1. Alainya Sherwoo, H, 12.8; 3. Bryn Derrick, H, 12.9.

1,600: 1. Lauren Trapani, WR, 5:19.51; 2. Alyssa Hoffman, WR, 5:27.60; 3. Alanna Ranck, WR, 5:38.4.

400 relay: 1. Hughesville (Elizabeth Fortin, Kylie Bieber, Bryn Derrick, Kenna Ammar-Khodja), 52.70.

400: 1. Elizabeth Manning, SW, 1:03.70; 2. Olivia Strother, H, 1:06.60; 3. Alainya Sherwood, H, 1:07.20.

300 hurdles: 1. Sarah Gardner, H, 53.10; 2. Makayla Miller, H, 55.50; 3. Claudia Green, SW, 56.70.

800: 1. Lauren Trapani, WR, 2:26.40; 2. Sienna Dunkleberger, WR, 2:31.40; 3. Cierra Getz, H, 2:34.20.

200: t-1. Bryn Derrick, H, 27.90; t-1. Elizabeth Fortin, H, 27.90; 3. Elizabeth Manning, SW, 28.0.

3,200: 1. Sage Dunkleberger, WR, 13:05; 2. Alyssa Hoffman, WR, 13:05.10; 3. Mikaela Majcher, WR, 13:05.20.

1,600 relay: 1. Hughesville (Alainya Sherwood, Bryn Derrick, Elizabeth Fortin, Cierra Getz), 4:29.60.

Shot put: 1. Karlee Wallis, H, 31-4; 2. Alex Snyder, H, 29-1; 3. Sydney Hoffman, W, 27-3 1/2.

Discus: 1. Sydney Hoffman, WR, 96-5; 2. Karlee Wallis, H, 91-4; 3. Alex Snyder, H, 76-0.

Javelin: 1. Alex Snyder, H, 100-3; 2. Hailey Carper, WR, 72-7; 3. Allison Wells, SW, 69-11.

Long jump: 1. Marley Green, H, 12-2 1/2; 2. Hailey Myers, H, 12-1 1/2; 3. Makenzi Leitenberger, H, 12-1.

Triple jump: 1. Makenzi Leitenberger, H, 29-5 1/2; 2. Sarah Gardner, H, 28-0 1/2; 3. Hailey Myers, H, 26-0 1/2.

High jump: 1. Brooklyn Lentz, SW, 4-6; 2. Alex Snyder, H, 4-6; 3. Lea Fessler, SW, 4-4.

Pole vault: 1. Mya Shoemaker, WR, 10-0; 2. Emma Miller, WR, 8-6; 3. Ashlyn Maris, H, 7-6.


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