Your CBD Store takes out the guesswork

Self-admittedly unregulated, Your CBD Store which opened in May at 960 Plaza Drive, in Montoursville, attempts to remove the apprehension out of their products with rigorous testing and knowledgeable staff.

“That’s what our company is here for,” said Anthony D’Alena, an employee.“We try to take a lot of the guesswork out of it to make it a lot easier.”

When people bring in products purchased through other means, even D’Alena said they have to speculate.

It’s like the wild west out there,” he said.

Justin Johnson, owner, said all of Your CBD Store’s products are third-party tested, meaning “they make sure whatever is on the outside of the bottle is on the inside.

The products, which range from CBD gummies, oils to topical creams, have been put through the correct measures to ensure there’s nothing to hinder the benefits — “no bullcrap,” said Johnson.

“People use it for all sorts of things, pain, anxiety, restless leg syndrome and other kinds of compulsion syndromes they have,” said Johnson, who uses it for joint pain. “They use it to control inflammation in their whole body.”

Those at Your CBD Store said they pride themselves in knowing the most recent research, he said, and are working to correct mix-ups in the community.

“CBD is the cannabinoid that is beneficial to our minds and our bodies. There’s no psychoactive intoxication,” he said. Unlike marijuana, hemp is grown for its health benefits, not intoxicative effects.

“Hemp has .03 or less THC and is grown for this purpose specifically,” he said.

Through his own experiences and the testimony of his customers, Johnson said it’s very effective. This is only enhanced with the “hundreds” of people which come and return for the products and report their findings.

“We are hardwired to receive this,” said D’Alena. “We have a system of receptors in our body called the endocannabinoid system, CBD is a cannabinoid. When we take it, it works with our bodies to bring us back to where we should be.”

Your CBD Store even has a range of products for dogs, such as treats and bacon flavored oil, which Johnson said helps the pets to relax.

The store has the highest quality products on the market right now, he said, “They’re

taking steps right now that no other company is doing.”

Though people who have a litany of medications in their system should consult a doctor and realize CBD is not a substitute for medicine, Johnson said it can’t hurt to experiment with it.

“Stop in and try it,” he said. “If you can find relief using something that’s all natural and organic, there’s no harm in it.”


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