Robin’s Nest is keeping memories alive

A newly-opened antique store came with more than many expected, also featuring clothes, shoes, soaps and more, all made by local vendors.

Alexandra Warren and Alyssa Fortin, sisters in-law and co-owners of Robin’s Nest at 368 Broad St., said they were inspired by the life of Warren’s mother.

“My mom recently passed away so we were trying to think of a way to keep her alive, so it’s named after her,” said Warren.

Robin’s home was locally renowned for its interior aesthetic, she said, with visitors often commenting that it “looked like a magazine.”

“We learned how go antiquing through her and shopping through her so we filled the whole store with everything that she liked,” said Warren.

Many of the wood product-based antiques are made at Warren and Fortin’s second business, DIY Instructional Craft Workshops. It’s at this location where they not only make the pieces, but show others how to make them as well.

The pieces are often made of rough-cut wood, which achieves the rustic farmhouse look, said Warren.

“The DIY creations are what makes it unique,” said Fortin. “You can’t just go to the store and buy that.”

Additionally, a great amount of care is taken in selecting the items, using the idea of what the co-owners, themselves, would display in their home as a measuring stick.

That same care is placed into selecting the clothing, which Fortin said they recently had to expand it due to its popularity.

“We were just trying it out, but it took off,” she said.

One such popular item is a baby headband, made locally by a vendor.

Their store “sparks a lot of different age groups,” she said, between the antiques, clothes and other wares.

Robin’s Nest has also already made the transition to the holiday season featuring a multitude of Christmas items, making the store, “a one stop, shop,” for locals, said Warren.

In general, Fortin and Warren, who are both locals, said it has been a pleasure doing business along Broad Street.

“I think it’s great that we’re living in a community and here in the community and watching the community come in and give us such wonderful feedback,” said Warren. “We’re hoping that since so many major stores are closing that maybe more local businesses will open up and we can all start supporting each other.”


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