Warehouse 124 strives for ‘synergy’ between shop and area artists

Warehouse 124 co owner, Pennie Vanderlin (left) and local vendor, Natalie Bower (right), of Walnut Lane Design Co.

Located just off the main road through South Williamsport at 124 Reynolds St., Warehouse 124 has a little bit of something for everyone.

“We have homegoods, we have jewelry, we have clothing, we have home furnishings. That’s all like (other department stores), right? Except we also have artists here in the building…” said Pennie Vanderlin, who co-owns the shop with her husband, Jim Vanderlin. “… we also have artists in the 124 Reynolds Street building who make custom furniture, handcrafted jewelry, frame artwork, make soap and repurpose furniture…,”

Started only three years ago consigning furniture for customers of Jim Vanderlin (a service which they still offer), the shop has already received a warm welcome from customers in the greater Williamsport area, “I posted on Facebook that we were opening up a boutique. We got 4,000 hits and 38 shares. That’s pretty amazing isn’t it?” said Vanderlin.

That connection to their growing customer base and the shop’s customer service is something that Vanderlin strives to ensure remains strong.

“We stress customer service. If somebody talks to us on Facebook, we get back to them as soon as we can,” she said.

Her dedication to their growing customer base can also be seen in the work she does to ensure that all of her customers receive a fair deal whether they are buying goods or consigning furniture.

“I try to get a fair deal on both of my customers, my buyers and my sellers,” said Vanderlin. “Natalie (local “Walnut Lane Design Co.” artist Natalie Bower who joined Warehouse 124 this year) has been known to help customers switch out of a necklace gold clasp for a silver clasp while the customer peruses the shops of Warehouse 124 and Walnut Lane Design Co.”

The “synergy” between the shop and other local artists in the community is of the utmost importance to Vanderlin.

“When our customers are here, I always refer them to other shops (in the area)… When people come in here, I can send them to places where they can spend a whole day (in the Williamsport area),” said Vanderlin. And those looking for other local artists need not even leave the shop, as Warehouse 124 shares a commercial space with fellow local artists. A benefit that Vanderlin stresses, makes their shop a cut above the rest in terms of product customization and ease of access to supplies/products. “We have a frame shop in this building. So let’s say you buy a print from me… and you go ‘Oh, I’m going to have to have it framed.’ Well, I can send you in the building to a frame shop.”

Those hoping to contact Warehouse 124 can do so by calling (570)-326-4258 or by visiting their Facebook page. “It’s high end, it’s eclectic, unique, one of a kind… just fun stuff,” said Vanderlin.


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