Waltz Creamery opens ice cream shop near Linden

Running one business is hard work, let alone multiple businesses.

But that hasn’t stopped Brian and Rebekah Waltz from pushing ahead and opening up a new ice cream shop.

For a number of years, the couple have owned and operated Waltz Creamery & Farm House Cafe in Salladasburg.

Now, with the opening of the new Waltz Creamery, their second business along Route 220 in the old Harvest Moon Plaza, they have two spots for serving customers their brand of ice cream.

“What better way to offer our ice cream than next to this highway,” Rebekah said as traffic rushed along the past the shop.

The busy area near Linden has already brought its share of customers since the business opened in late May.

“It’s strictly ice cream sales,” Rebekah said. “We are doing well.”

Facebook and word-of-mouth have been mostly used to inform people about their new venture.

Rebekah and Brian noted that many people simply don’t travel to the somewhat remote village of Salladasburg where their other business, which doubles as a restaurant and ice cream spot, can be found.

“This (site) is easier to access and more people can enjoy what we make,” she said.

Rebekah and her husband along with a small staff, including family members, work at the new ice cream site.

But since the new business does not open until 3 p.m. Monday thru Saturday, they can both attend to duties in Salladasburg.

Brian shrugged when asked how he endures the hard work and long hours of running multiple businesses.

“This is pretty simple compared to a farm,” he said.

Each morning Brian is up early to milk the cows of his family farm handed down to him from his parents.

“What would it matter if you had one more thing to run?” Rebekah said.

She referred to the ice cream shop as an extension of the family farm.

Eventually, they hope to use milk from the dairy operation for their ice cream.

Rebekah said they did not decide to start the second business without a lot of planning and research.

“You have to pretty much want to do it,” she said. “It’s a big decision not to be taken lightly.”

And so far, the response from the community to their business has been positive.

“It’s nice to see faces from the other business here,” Rebekah said. “And, we see new faces.”

Travelers from afar journeying along Route 220 also stop and come up to the walk-up window for ice cream.

Waltz Creamery offers both soft serve and hand dipped ice cream as well as sundaes, banana splits, shakes and floats.

There is no inside dining, but seating is available for customers who want to enjoy their ice cream at tables outside the shop.

“We just enjoy it,” Rebekah said of the new business. “When you enjoy it, there aren’t really challenges.”


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