Class of 2020 student speakers: ‘The good times we have shared’

Before I begin, I would like to thank my friends and family for pushing me to be the best possible version of myself. I would also like to thank the teachers, guidance counselors and the rest of the school’s administration for making my experience at South Williamsport High School unforgettable.

This year, as the Class of 2020, we have faced a considerable amount of adversity. We lost our senior prom, our senior class trip, our trip to Washington D.C., the annual chorus trip to New York City, our spring sports seasons and our last day of high school. But, somehow, we are still here.

We were brought into the world during the aftermath of 9/11 and survived two pandemics already. Our class is here, and we are all graduating and moving on to our next chapter in life despite all these difficulties. One would think that it would be almost impossible to survive this much adversity before you graduate high school, but our class has been overcoming adversity for quite some time.

It would have been simple for me to sit down and write a speech about how we the Class of 2020 deserved better than what we got, about how sad it is that we were robbed of arguably some of the greatest days of our lives, but instead I have chosen to write about all of the good times we have shared in hopes that it will bring joy to family members and students.

We’ve gone through school with quite the reputation, I’m sure everyone remembers the year we were so bad we could never go on any field trips again because we had behaved so poorly. Caleb even tried to break the record for most detentions as a sixth grader. We carried this reputation with us to our very first freshmen study hall, which was a nightmare, from dog whistles to hiding from teachers, we did it all.

Which brings us to sophomore year, where we saw Jimmy bring in more musical instruments of torture than anyone could count. By the way Mr. Smith, I think he’s still looking to get those back. That year, we also survived our very first practical with Mr. Zalonis and for some of us, our first AP course.

Junior year brought us chemistry, which for some of us was our hardest challenge yet, especially Austin in eighth period. Then we reached our senior year, where we faced the infamous six-page research paper, and tackled Hitesman’s “impossible tests.” This year, we also experienced the five-carton milk challenge, sorry Cole we know your time was the fastest, but it still doesn’t count.

Through these hilarious memories, our class also accomplished some amazing feats. We were the second class ever to three-peat at Winter Olympics. We raised thousands of dollars to support our school Mini-Thon. Courtney earned a chair in the All-State Wind Ensemble. Syd became an All-state short-stop. Haley scored 50 goals, 30 of them this year. Luke and Austin both received football MVP awards. Our girls tennis team won two team district titles. The baseball team won a district title and made it to the state quarter finals. The Drama Club gave us inspiring musicals. We inducted 24 seniors into the National Honor Society, and donated countless pints of blood to the American Red Cross, even though for some of us that meant passing out and having to be wheeled out of the school.

My point is, as a class, we have been overcoming adversity for years, so it was only fitting that we faced our biggest challenge as we attempted to leave home for the first time and start the rest of our lives. With all the things we have been through, I am hopeful that each member of the South Williamsport Class of 2020 will move on to accomplish amazing things.

Congratulations everyone, and good-luck!


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