Board reports decrease in prisoner numbers

For the fourth straight month, the number of Lycoming County jail and Pre-Release Center inmates showed a decrease, according to latest figures reported at Friday’s prison board meeting.

Between the months of September and October, the average daily population for male and female prisoners dropped from 340.93 to 337.39.

The number of male inmates remained relatively stable, dropping slightly from 285.47 to 285.90 while female prisoners fell from 55.47 to 51.48 during the last two months.

Average daily populations of in-home detentions for males dropped from 38.87 to 37.26 but increased for females from 9.77 to 12.65.

In personnel matters, the board approved the termination of a correctional officer.

Yasmin Pigford was released from duty following a brief executive session by the board.

Board members refused comment on the reason for the termination.

Pigford was hired earlier this year at an hourly rate of $16.01.

In other personnel action, the board approved the following hirings: Bryce Young, correctional officer-relief; Caleb Blank, bail release officer; Bobbi Pfleeger, female resident supervisor/cook.


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