12 face charges in separate incidents

A domestic disturbance on Saturday night landed Kyle Barnes, 25, of Philadelphia, behind bars after he grabbed a Hughesville police officer’s shirt and allegedly pushed him down a flight of stairs in a home on South Third Street in the borough, according to court records.

Barnes allegedly struggled with Patrolmen Ryan Travelpiece and Calvin Irvin as the two officers were attempting to get control of him at 156 S. Third St. about 8:45 p.m.

As Irwin was bringing Barnes down a set of stairs, “Barnes kept pulling away from him,” Travelpiece wrote in an affidavit.

Travelpiece, upon entering house, ascend the stairway to help Irvin get control of Barnes, but Barnes “pulled away from Irvin and I grabbed a hold of him. Barnes grabbed me with both hands by the chest area of my shirt and shoved me towards th bottom of the stairs,” the officer wrote in an affidavit.

“I told Barnes to let go of me and tried to take his hands off me. However, I could hear my shirt ripping,” Travelpiece said in the court document.’

Once the three men were at the bottom of the steps, Barnes continued to struggle with the officers as they worked to handcuff him.

Police had been called to the home because Barnes and his brother had been fighting, The two men were struggling with one another when officers arrived on the scene.

Irwin was attempting to remove Barnes from the second floor when Barnes had the confrontation with the officers, Travelpiece said. Irvin suffered a laceration to the right elbow, Travelpiece said.

Following his arraignment before District Judge Jon E. Kemp on charges of aggravated assault and resisting arrest, Barnes was committed to the Lycoming County Prison in lieu of $35,000 bail.

In another domestic disturbance, Jeffrey Ray, 52, of York, has been charged with simple assault and harassment for allegedly headbutting a woman inside a home at 1510 Slacks Run Road in Gamble Township about 11:20 p.m. Saturday, state Trooper Jonathan Thompson said in an affidavit. The victim was not identified.

“It was an accident,” Ray told District Judge Jerry Lepley during his arraignment. Initially jailed, he is now free on $5,000 bail.

Several people face various drug charges, including Christopher Joshua, 20, of 1040 Hepburn St., who was charged by South Williamsport Patrolman William MacInnis with possessing two bags of marijuana and possessing of drug paraphernalia at Hastings Street and Southern Avenue in the borough on March 1, according to court records. He is free on $5,000 bail set by District Judge Gary Whiteman.

Also free on $5,000 bail was Cody Augustine, 30, of 1551 Catherine St., who has been charged by Montoursville Patrolman Kurt Hockman with possessing crystal methamphetamines and possessing drug paraphernalia in the 800 block of Cherry Street in the borough about 12:15 a.m. on May 5.

In another drug case, Cadence Coleman, 25, of 208 Staver St., Jersey Shore, has been charged with possessing methamphetamines and possessing drug paraphernalia in the 2100 block of Warrensville Road in Loyalsock Township on May 18. She is free on $5,000 bail.

New drug charges have been lodged against county prison inmate Malikaah Alwan-Johnson, 19, Philadelphia, according to court records filed by the county’s Narcotics Enforcement Unit.

Charged with possession with intent to deliver of heroin and related offenses for his alleged involvement in a sale of the controlled substance to an informant in the 1800 block of East Third Street in Loyalsock township on June 17, Alwan-Johnson remains behind bars in lieu of an additional $100,000 bail.

Following the alleged sale, investigators seized “multiple bricks” of heroin and an estimated $4,900 in drug money that they believe belonged to Alwan-Johnson.

Concerning another drug case, state Trooper Anthony Mazzone, has charged Keith Getz, 32, of 937 W. Fourth St., with possession of a controlled substance and possession of drug paraphernalia at East Third Street and Northway Road on May 3. Court records did not identify the substance.

Already free on $5,000 bail, a bench warrant for Getz’s arrest was expected to be filed after he failed to appear for his preliminary hearing Monday.

In another case, Jeremy Mitcheltree, 38, of 2347 Hillside Ave., has been charged by state Trooper Aaron Brown with theft and possession of controlled substances after allegedly stealing 36 prescribed pills from his estrange wife’s home in the 1400 block of East Third Street in Loyalsock Township on Feb. 3.

Mitcheltree, who denied taking the pills, said he “would be willing to take a polygraph exam (a lie detector test),” Brown said in affidavit. However, while he was taking the test on May 18, Mitcheltree admitted to stealing the pills, the trooper said. He is free on $5,000 bail.

Another criminal case handled by Whiteman involved Martina Martz, 60, 1160 Park Ave., who was charged by state Trooper Robert Jacobs with misdemeanor shoplifting for allegedly stealing $392 worth of merchandise at the Weis Market, 305 River Ave., Loyalsock Township, between March 25 and May 4.

Martz walked out of the store with groceries without scanning several of the items, the trooper alleged. She is free on $5,000 bail≥

In another shoplifting case before the judge, Megan Hauke, 50, of 2095 Meadow Lane, apartment 2097, has been charged by Montoursville Patrolman William Hagemeyer with allegedly stealing $519 worth of merchandise from Walmart, 1015 N. Loyalsock Ave., on Feb. 13.

Hauke, who now goes by the name Marie Lecrone, is free on $5,000 bail.

In a DUI case before Whiteman, Edward McCluskey, 63, of 1541 Louisa St., waived his preliminary hearings on charges stemming from a crash in which his pickup truck and a car collided at Bloomingove and Cemetery roads in Loyalsock Township on Jan. 3.

Trooper Andrew Dalkiewicz said McCluskey’s “eyes were bloodshot and glassy, and his speech was slurred and sluggish as he mumbled his words.”

McCluskey and “a friend” who was in the truck as well as a woman driving in the car were injured in the crash. McCluskey told the trooper that he was not driving, but that his “friend” was the one behind the wheel. However, two witnesses at the scene said McCluskey was the driver at the time of the crash, Dalkiewicz said, adding the driver’s blood-alcohol content level was .25 when he pulled out in front of the oncoming car. He is free on $5,000 bail.

Another motorist, John Nields, 25, of 1548 Randall Circle, will face further court action on charges of DUI and careless driving after he waived his preliminary hearing Monday before Whiteman.

Nields was charged after he was found walking around his 2013 Hyundai Elantra that was stopped in the middle of the intersection of Tinsman Avenue and Lincoln Drive about 12:30 a.m. on May 6, state Trooper Logan Webb said in an affidavit.

The trooper spotted a hypodermic needle inside the car. Nields underwent a series of field sobriety tests, which indicated that the driver was impaired, Webb said. A blood test revealed that there was fentanyl in his system, the trooper added. Nields is free on $5,000 bail.


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