Burglary, assault among charges alleged in district courts

Alleged intruder found wearing family’s clothes in their living room

Two Park Avenue residents allegedly woke up to a stranger speaking to their child in the living room of their home the morning of Dec. 27, according to city police.

Cody Allan Jones, 30, of the city allegedly broke into a family’s home and was found allegedly wearing sweatpants and a sweatshirt belonging to one of the residents in the home, Zachary Geary, an officer with the Williamsport Bureau of Police, said in an affidavit.

The home’s residents told police they were sleeping on the second floor of the home when they heard movement downstairs. They were alerted to Jones’ presence when they allegedly heard their child speaking to him, Geary said.

City police believe Jones gained entry to the home through an unsecured basement entrance. When Geary arrived at the residence, he found Jones sitting in the living room of the home still wearing the victim’s clothing.

Jones is charged with burglary, criminal trespass, theft by unlawful taking and receiving stolen property. He was arraigned on Sunday before Judge Gary Whiteman, who set bail for $50,000. Unable to post bail, Jones is being held in the Lycoming County Prison until his preliminary hearing before Judge Christian Frey on Jan. 5, 2021.

City man allegedly stole toys from Family Dollar on Christmas Eve

Justin Jonathan Schnauffer, 29, of 653 Hepburn St., Apartment 7, allegedly stole toys from a Family Dollar on Christmas Eve, according to city police.

Schnauffer allegedly placed several items in a blue drawstring bag and walked through the checkout line at the 328 Memorial Ave. Family Dollar without paying for them, according to an affidavit written by Addison Gingrich, a city police officer.

When Gingrich confronted Schnauffer, Schnauffer allegedly admitted to having the items in his bag and not paying for them, Gingrich said.

Law enforcement noted during Schnauffer’s preliminary arraignment that the items Schnauffer stole were “toys for kids” valued at $10.60.

Gingrich wrote that he was tipped off to the incident by security footage which allegedly captured Schnauffer placing the items into the bag, which enabled Gingrich to arrive at the store by the time Schnauffer walked through the checkout.

Schnauffer was arraigned by Judge Gary Whiteman, who let him walk on $10,000 unsecured bail.

Jersey Shore man allegedly stole items from deceased neighbor’s home

A Jersey Shore man is accused of stealing medicine, jewelry and personal documents from a his late neighbor’s home, Tiadaghton Valley Regional Police said.

Richard Rogers, 64, of 22 Harer Park Road, Jersey Shore, allegedly entered the former residence of recently deceased Krisann Wright on Dec. 27 and left with several items belonging to the woman and two of her daughters, one of whom lived with her, according to Tyler Bierly, an officer with Tiadaghton Valley Regional Police.

When a third daughter visited the home Dec. 27 to retrieve a tupperware of jewelry from the home, she allegedly found Rogers inside the home going through the kitchen.

Rogers allegedly said the landlord gave a key to the home, but the landlord later denied this, Bierly said. Rogers left after the daughter told him to leave.

“Rogers told me that he did not have a key, he just did not want to fight with the girls about it,” Bierly said.

The daughter who lived at the home the past year said Rogers allegedly stayed at the house “maybe once” approximately five months ago, according to Bierly. She alleged the relationship between Richard Rogers and her mother was “acquaintances at best,” Bierly said.

Rogers should not have had a key and did not have permission to go to the residence or take any belongings, Bierly said.

Bierly also said Justin Segura, another officer with Tiadaghton Valley Regional Police, reported fresh pry marks at the entrance to Wright’s home.

Segura found Rogers walking away from the house through nearby yards with a backpack on.

The backpack allegedly had two prescription bottles prescribed to Wright, one of which contained Ativan, a controlled substance, in addition to a folder of medical documents belonging to Wright, Bierly said.

Rogers also allegedly had a gold necklace and silver hoop earrings in his pockets, which Bierly said he “immediately attempted to conceal in his right hand” when emptying his pockets.

When police fully searched Rogers, they allegedly found three social security cards belonging to Wright, and her daughters. Police also allegedly found access cards belonging to the daughters and a Muncy Bank Debit Card belonging to Wright.

The daughters told officers their social security cards were hidden away inside the house and that Richard Rogers did not have permission to take or possess them.

The woman who lived with Wright also alleged her mother wore silver hoop earrings, and the golden necklace found on Richard Rogers resembled her grandmothers’ golden necklace, Bierly said.

Finally, Rogers also allegedly possessed a container with a baggie of suspected crystal methamphetamine, as well as two smoking pipes with residue, Bierly said.

Rogers is charged with burglary, criminal trespass, theft by unlawful taking, receiving stolen property, possession of Ativan without a prescription and possession of methamphetamine.

He was arraigned by Whiteman Dec. 27, who set bail to $50,000. Unable to post bail, Rogers is being held in the Lycoming County Prison until his preliminary hearing before judge Jerry Lepley on Jan. 6, 2021.

Jersey Shore man allegedly assaulted three in domestic incident

Brian Miller, 43, of 36 Drake Lane, Jersey Shore, allegedly assaulted three victims after being woken up, according to state police.

After being woken up by one of the people cooking downstairs with a juvenile at 3:30 p.m., Miller allegedly began yelling obscenities before retrieving a muzzleloader firearm from his truck, according to Trooper Robert Jacobs.

A second alleged victim was able to calm Miller down while a third person took the firearm away. However, once Miller realized the firearm was taken away, he allegedly grabbed the third person.

Miller began allegedly assaulting the first two individuals, bruising one’s face and causing the other to fall on a concrete floor, concussing her. Miller allegedly struck her in the jaw and neck region.

As the victims drove away in their cars, Miller allegedly retrieved the muzzleloader and fired one shot.

Miller was arraigned for simple assault and harassment by Whiteman, who set bail to $12,500. Miller, unable to post, is being held in the Lycoming County Prison until his preliminary hearing scheduled for Jan. 6, 2021.


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