2 people face charges in Lycoming County

Snyder County man arraigned for threatening city police, littering

A Beavertown man allegedly threw an open container of alcohol across a parking lot before stating he would “[expletive]” a city police officer up Saturday afternoon, city police said.

After becoming more and more agitated during the confrontation, Robert Harer, 38, of allegedly encouraged Thad Trafford, a city police officer, to take off his badge and fight him, according to Damon Cole, a city police officer.

The confrontation began when Trafford drove his police car past Harer, who was allegedly walking with an open container of alcohol. As Trafford drove past Harer, Harer allegedly threw the container across a parking lot on the 400 block of Memorial Avenue, Cole said.

Cole said Trafford allegedly turned around and asked Harer to retrieve the thrown can, to which Harer allegedly declined and became agitated. Harer allegedly made numerous threats against Trafford, encouraging him to fight.

Trafford allegedly told Harer he was under arrest and to place his hands behind his back. Harer allegedly removed his jacket and continued to provoke Trafford to fight him before submitting when Trafford unholstered his taser, according to Cole.

While in the backseat of the police vehicle, Harer allegedly said he would “slit your [expletive] throat,” toward Trafford.

Harer also allegedly made several sexual advances toward Trafford on the way to city police headquarters at the Williamsport City Hall, according to Cole.

After allegedly resisting Trafford and other officers by thrashing around, police pepper sprayed Harer, Cole said.

Harer was arraigned by District Judge Aaron Biichle on Jan. 16 for making terroristic threats, disorderly conduct and scattering rubbish. Biichle set bail to $25,000, and Harer, unable to post, remains incarcerated in the Lycoming County Prison until his preliminary hearing before Biichle scheduled Jan. 21.

City man arraigned for loitering, prowling

David Evearts, 35, of Williamsport, faces a singular charge of loitering and prowling after city police found him allegedly attempting to access multiple cars and residences Monday night.

When officers confronted him, Evearts allegedly said he was coming from “the mexican lady’s house” and wanted to go home, according to Brett Garbrick, a city police officer.

Evearts was arraigned by District Judge William Solomon, who set bail to $2,500. Unable to post, Evearts will remain in the Lycoming County Prison until his preliminary hearing before District Judge Aaron Biichle Jan. 21.


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