Multiple people face charges in Lycoming County

Child pornography charges filed for Jersey Shore man

Zachary Ernest Kiess, 20, of 471 Kiess Hill Road has been charged with child pornography after he allegedly had numerous pictures and videos of nude minors on his phone.

The charges stem from a search of Kiess’ phone in November of 2019, which allegedly yielded several photos and videos of nude females that Kiess obtained in December of 2018, according to William Weber, a detective with the Lycoming County District Attorney Office.

The minors allegedly involved in the video were identified as friends and schoolmates of Kiess, and were 17 years old when the video was taken.

The search warrant for Kiess’ phone was obtained in relation to prior charges related to rape and sexual assault that were filed by state police March 2019. Kiess posted the $50,000 bail in March, and is currently awaiting a trial date.

Judge Jerry Lepley arraigned Kiess on the child pornography charge Oct. 28. Lepley released him on $25,000 bail. Meanwhile, Kiess waived his preliminary hearing and is set to be formally arraigned on that charge by Judge Nancy Butts Jan. 25.

Cogan Station man allegedly stole credit card

Craig Eck, 43, of 315 Hoover Drive, Cogan Station, allegedly stole a credit card and used it to try to buy a Denon receiver on Dec. 19, state police said.

Eck allegedly tried to spend $529.99 at Best Buy using the card, but the card was declined, Trooper Brian Moore said.

According to Moore’s report, an Earth Works employee received a notification that someone attempted to use the card to make a purchase of $529.99 at Best Buy at around 4:30 p.m.

That morning, Eck allegedly had been in an altercation with Earth Works’ owner, and had been told to leave the credit card.

Eck allegedly told the employee he left the card in the visor of the truck he was in; however, the employee allegedly said the card was not in the truck.

When Moore reviewed security footage at the Best Buy, he allegedly saw Eck enter and exit the store between 4:20-4:30 p.m.. Moore reported the item Eck tried to buy was a Denon receiver.

On Dec. 28, Eck allegedly said he was Christmas shopping at Walmart and Best Buy. Eck allegedly said he used a credit card at Best Buy, the card was declined, and he left the store.

Eck was arraigned before judge William Solomon on Dec. 29 for charges of theft and accessing a device issued to another. Solomon released Eck on bail set to $15,000.

Eck waived his preliminary hearing, and a formal arraignment has not yet been scheduled.

DuBoistown woman allegedly pepper sprayed man

Edith Dunlap, a 56-year-old DuBoistown resident, allegedly pepper sprayed a man August 12 to “make him pay” for almost striking her while she was walking her dog the day before, South Williamsport police said.

However, 71-year-old Leo Williams said he pulled over to warn Dunlap she was difficult to see when walking on a narrow mountain road, Michael Samar, an officer with the South Williamsport Police Department, said.

Williams was allegedly driving to work the morning of August 11 when he thought he saw a deer on the side of French Settlement Road–a road that Samar described as “an uphill narrow mountain roadway with multiple sharp curves off of Valley Street in Armstrong Township.”

As Williams slowed and approached, he said he realized the deer was a woman wearing dark clothing bent over holding onto her dog. Williams allegedly braked and pulled up to the woman, Dunlap, to tell her it was difficult to see her.

“As he did so, he reported the woman began screaming at him calling him [an] “[expletive]” and [an] “[expletive]“, along with other “vulgar comments,” Samar said.

After Williams continued on to work, Dunlap allegedly called South Williamsport Police to report Williams tried to “run her over” on French Settlement Road, saying he should “have to pay” for almost hitting her and her dog.

The next day, Dunlap allegedly waited for Williams at the intersection of French Settlement Road and Valley Street in a Blue Subaru. After Williams turned onto Valley Street and proceeded to DuBoistown, Dunlap allegedly rapidly followed him. Williams allegedly pulled over and lowered his window and realized Dunlap was driving the car.

Dunlap allegedly began yelling and swearing at him for “running her off the road” the day prior, while Williams denied it and suggested she wear brighter colors, Samar said.

Dunlap allegedly shouted an expletive at Williams as she pepper sprayed him directly in the face for several seconds, covering his head, face and inside of his car, before she sped away, according to Samar.

Williams allegedly tried to get away, but struck a fire hydrant, which caused damage to his truck, Samar said.

Samar then said Williams used several bottles of Gatorade he had to douse his face and eyes before driving slowly to the DuBoistown fire hall for help, Samar said.

Williams’ face and eyes were red, and that there was pepper spray all around the car, which was also damaged, Samar said.

Samar found Dunlap allegedly walking her dog up Valley Street with a can of Sabre Red pepper spray in a belt holster on her waist. He interviewed Dunlap in the Valley Inn parking lot, where she said Williams almost struck her and her dog the day before.

“[Dunlap] stated this made her very angry so she decided to wait for Williams this morning on Valley Street, knowing he would be driving down French Settlement Road in the morning,” Samar said.

Dunlap allegedly admitted to following Williams onto Valley Street, yelling at him.

“Dunlap stated that Williams told her to wear bright clothing and that really angered her. Dunlap stated that Williams had to “pay” so she grabbed her pepper spray, pointed it at his face through the open vehicle windows and sprayed him in the eyes,” Samar said.

Samar wrote that Williams was being treated for chemical burns to his eyes, and that he lost two days of work. Additionally, Williams said his truck will need frame and body repairs for striking the fire hydrant.

“Would I have gotten away with it if I hadn’t called you yesterday?” Dunlap allegedly asked Samar.

Dunlap was sent a summons to appear before Judge William Solomon Jan. 6 for a preliminary hearing and arraignment.

Dunlap was released on $2,500 bail, and is scheduled for a formal arraignment before Judge Nancy Butts on Jan. 25.


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