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Jersey Shore man charged with DUI

Scott Powell, 56, of 414 Elm St., Jersey Shore, allegedly had a BAC of .253% after being pulled over for swerving across lanes of traffic on Allegheny Street Dec. 11 of 2020.

Powell allegedly swerved into the opposite lane of traffic and cross the double yellow line on Allegheny Street before it drifted back onto the far-right side of the road before once more swerving into the opposing traffic lane.

Powell allegedly swerved across the double yellow line twice and almost hit a parked car, according to Brandy Perchinski, a Tiadaughton Valley Police officer.

When Perchinski stopped Powell, she allegedly smelled a strong odor of alcohol coming out of the car. Additionally, an empty Coors Light can sat in the front passenger seat, with an opened 30-pack of Coors Light in the back.

Powell allegedly performed poorly on two field sobriety tests and declined to do another. He allegedly had a hard time walking outside the Geisinger Hospital in Jersey Shore, where he consented to a blood draw.

District Judge Jerry Lepley sent Powell a summons for March 3 to answer for charges of DUI, driving under a suspended registration, careless driving and disregarding lanes of traffic.

Hunter arraigned on drunk driving charges

A Jersey Shore man who allegedly thought he fell asleep at the wheel because “he was tired from hunting all day” had a BAC of .142% when state troopers pulled him over Dec. 4.

Dalton McLaughlin, 28, of 83 Kneale Lane, Jersey Shore, allegedly swerved across the double-yellow line several times while traveling on North Main Street in Jersey Shore, according to Troy Hansen, a state trooper.

Hansen said McLaughlin allegedly stopped over the double yellow line at the intersection of North Main Street before turning left onto SR 55, once more crossing the double yellow line and the white fog line.

“McLaughlin informed me that he believed he fell asleep and that he was tired from hunting all day,” Hansen said. “When speaking to (McLaughlin), I detected that he had glossy bloodshot eyes and was speaking slowly.”

District Judge Jerry Lepley sent McLaughlin a summons to appear Feb. 24 to answer for DUI, disregarding the lanes of traffic, careless driving and coming to an improper stop.

Jersey Shore man faces DUI after allegedly striking parked car

Jesse Imes, 40, of 550 South Broad St., Jersey Shore, allegedly had a BAC of .204% when police acquired a warrant to test his blood after he struck a parked car, according to Tiadaghton Valley Regional Police.

Imes allegedly struck the left-rear corner of a parked car while the victim was buckling her child in, according to Jordan Mahosky, a Tiadaghton Valley Regional Police Officer.

When Mahosky met with Imes, he allegedly acted lethargic and had an odor of alcohol on him.

Additionally, he had be driving his vehicle while his license was suspended due to a former DUI conviction, according to Mahosky.

After Mahosky took Imes back to the TVRPD station, Imes allegedly said he legs have no feeling and would not be able to perform a sobriety test that required him to use them.

Instead, Mahosky had Imes blow into a PBT straw device, which allegedly took him three times to correctly do. The results of that test detected alcohol on Imes’ breath.

Imes allegedly told Mahosky he would refuse a blood draw at a hospital.

“They can shove it up their (expletive),” Imes said, according to Mahosky. “Not you, them.”

Imes became uncooperative and made suicidal statements before being transported to Geisinger Hospital at Jersey Shore. By that point, police had obtained a warrant to seize Imes’ blood, which showed a .2% BAC.

District Judge Jerry Lepley sent a summons to Imes for DUI, driving with a suspended license and careless driving. Imes is scheduled to appear before Judge Marc Lovecchio March 1 for a formal arraignment.

Detectives allegedly found bath salts in residence

While detectives from the Lycoming County District Attorney’s office executed a search warrant on 418 S. Main St. Dec. 16, they allegedly found bath salts inside Brandi Teneyck’s bedroom.

Teneyck, who is a resident of that address, allegedly had two large bags containing 183 grams of bath salts, which were hidden in a Marilyn Monroe lock box stuffed under a mattress, in her bedroom at the time of the search, detectives said.

According to detectives, 44-year-old Teneyck allegedly admitted the bedroom was hers when she went to it to change into warmer clothes to exit the building while the search was completed.

District Judge Jerry Lepley arraigned Teneyck for possession with intent to deliver.

Lepley released Teneyck on $20,000 bail, and Teneyck appeared in court for a formal arraignment yesterday before President Judge Nancy Butts.

City woman allegedly helped drop drugs off at Uni-Mart

Sonya Smith, 32, of 516 Edwin St., Williamsport, allegedly helped drop off drugs in the cupcake isle of Uni-Mart on Jan. 24, according to Tiadaghton Valley Regional Police.

Sonya Smith, accompanied by Nicholas Deparasis, allegedly made multiple trips into the store, where they allegedly hid 4.2 grams of methamphetamine, which sells for more than $1,000 on the street, according to Cody Smith, a Tiadaghton Valley Regional Police officer.

Meth was not the only thing hiding in the cupcake isle, however; Patrolman Smith allegedly found three pills left out in the aisle, too.

Police apprehended Levi McDermit, a man who said he was allegedly supposed to pick up the drugs that were left by Deparasis.

At a later traffic stop involving Sonya Smith and Deparasis, police K9 Zoli alerted police on the passenger side, although a search of the vehicle did not yield controlled substances, according to Patrolman Smith.

However, police later caught Sonya Smith allegedly searching the cupcake aisle back in Uni-Mart, with Deparasis in the car.

Sonya Smith allegedly told police she knew Deparasis put something in the cupcake aisle, but did not know it was methamphetamine. District Judge Gary Whiteman arraigned Sonya Smith for possession with intent to manufacture or deliver, possession of controlled substances and possession of drug paraphernalia.

Renovo man allegedly sold meth to detective

Adam Weaver, 34, of 725 Huran Ave., Renovo, allegedly sold 3.5 grams of methamphetamine to an undercover Narcotics Enforcement Unit detective.

The detective employed a confidential informant, who arranged to meet Weaver at the Route 220 Sheetz in Linden.

Once the detective and confidential information arrived at Sheetz, Weaver allegedly entered the side door of the vehicle and accepted $240 of pre-recorded police funds in exchange for the meth.

District Judge Jerry Lepley arraigned Weaver for delivery of a controlled substance and the criminal use of a communication facility.

Lepley set bail to $35,000, and unable to post, Weaver will remain in the Clinton County Prison until a scheduled guilty plea before President Judge Nancy Butts April 23.

Man charged withvpossession of paraphernalia

Kinsley Cohick, 26, of 1100 Allegheny St., allegedly had drug paraphernalia in his backpack during a traffic stop by Tiadaghton Valley Regional Police last August.

Cohick was allegedly traveling in the back seat of a white Jeep driven by Desiree Mckeag, a person known to not have a valid driver’s license, according to Tyler Bierly, a Tiadaghton Valley Regional Police officer.

During the traffic stop, Bierly allegedly asked Cohick his name. Cohick allegedly identified himself with hesitation, explaining he does not like giving authorities his name.

Police dispatch told Bierly that Cohick had an active bench warrant out of the Lycoming County Sheriff’s office, after with Bierly placed Cohick into handcuffs.

As Bierly searched Cohick’s backpack, he allegedly found “paraphernalia items.”

Consequently, District Judge Jerry Lepley arraigned Cohick for possession of drug paraphernalia.

City man allegedly stole truck to live out of

Tyler Burns, 24, of 1056 W. Fourth St., allegedly stole a truck to live out of it, according to Tiadaghton Valley Regional Police.

Burns allegedly admitted to staying at a house in the 800 block of Allegheny Street without the permission of its Realtor before noticing an old truck sitting with its keys in its ashtray, according to Jordan Mahosky, a Tiadaghton Valley Regional Police officer.

The truck had been used to carry construction debris for the alleged victim, according to Mahosky.

Burns allegedly drove the truck to Lewisburg, where he reconnected with an old friend who lived out of the truck with him for a few days before it was spotted.

District Judge Gary Whiteman arraigned Burns for theft by unlawful taking, criminal trespass and unauthorized use of a motor vehicle.

Whiteman set bail to $75,000, and unable to post, Burns remains in the Lycoming County Prison until his formal arraignment before President Judge Nancy Butts Feb. 22.


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