Footsteps to Follow: Are You Ready?

Are You Ready?

When you read First Samuel in the Hebrew Scripture, you will learn about Hanna. She so wanted a son that she dedicated him to God. At age five, Samuel was given to Levi, the priest, and there he was brought up to be a strong religious leader of the Jewish nation.

In time, Samuel became a judge and was the one who God chose to make David the King of Israel.

Did Samuel’s mother, Hanna, ever think that her son would be famous? No.

Was Samuel ever expected to be ready to be the anointer of a king? No.

They just were following God’s word the best that they could.

The Hebrew Scripture is full of people who never planned to do meaningful, wonderful deeds. They were merely trying to be ready to be God’s People. None of them thought that they were ready to become “famous” for their acts. But they were!

In the New Testament, in the book of Luke, Mary recognized God’s call to her to be Jesus’ mother. She followed the instructions from above, and all went as planned – not her plan but God’s plan.

Mary certainly was not ready to be an unmarried mother or travel miles on a donkey while pregnant or have the child in a barn or lay him in a feeding trough of straw. But she followed God’s plan and became the mother of our Savior Jesus.

At age 12, Jesus showed that he was starting to be ready when he asked questions of the priests in the Temple. Those were questions that the priests had trouble answering!

Years later, even after John had baptized him, Jesus told Mary that his time was not now. He did not think he was ready, but he was able to turn the water into wine! Jesus, ready or not, started to follow God’s plan for his life on earth.

How about you?

Are you ready to witness to some of the people who you come in contact with? They could be relatives or friends or co-workers or club members or church members.

When you visit homes, stores or vacation spots, will your witness for Jesus Christ be apparent?

Will someone remark, “You really are very heartwarming to chat with!”

That is a sign you are reflecting God’s love in your speech, acts and presence. Will there be at least one person with whom you have contact who will turn to Jesus because he/she recognizes His presence in your ways?

The Peace of Christ, found in a believer’s heart, must be shared with others! That is what each of us must be ready and prepared to demonstrate each day.