Beloved pastor nearing 45 years of service

For at least one member of Buchanan Baptist Church’s congregation, the pastor drew her to call Buchanan her home church.

“The first time I heard him preach, we knew this was the church,” she said.

The current pastor, the Rev. Robert Regan, has been at the church since 1977. While other small churches are shrinking in numbers, there are 125 members on the roll plus other non-members that regularly attend, she said.

“That speaks volumes about our pastor,” she said. “Our congregation is very close. The pastor will announce people who are having problems and we all pray for them as a congregation. It’s a close church.”

“We have all generations. It’s not just older people. We do have younger people, which is supporting the church to grow more. Lots of babies being born, so there’s another generation,” she added with a laugh.

Because of her admiration for the work that he does for the Lord, the congregation member was inspired to write a tribute to her pastor:

“Pastor Regan has preached the Word of God for many decades. He has been very faithful to study the Bible and deliver his message in a manner we can all understand. He is sincere, compassionate and a humble servant of God. His sense of humor can touch us all to laugh freely.

He cares about his congregation and holds us up in prayer. He lives what he preaches and does not put himself above others. He has done countless weddings, funerals, dedications and baptisms.

He has taught us all we have a mission field no matter where we are at in life. In foreign countries, work, home or in our relationships with others.

We ponder how he can accomplish all these things. We believe that starting his day with a turbo drink from Dunkin’ Donuts has a lot to do with it. It fuels him for whatever tasks are in front of him for the day.”