Community members ‘blessed’ to know pastor

Besides serving as the pastor of the Williamsport Church of the Nazarene, Louis Gatti has been involved with the Christian Motorcycle Association (CMA) and the United Churches of Lycoming County (UCLC).

Gatti said he stepped away from the UCLC due to health reasons — but not before he left an impression.

The Rev. Gwen Bernstine, executive director of the UCLC, said Gatti was “a member of our board of directors and also served as our president.”

Bernstine said the UCLC still benefits from his presence.

“We were and continue to be blessed by his ecumenical spirit and leadership and, most of all, we have been embraced by his love of Christ,” Bernstine said.

She said that, thanks to his involvement with the CMA, “some of us were introduced to” that ministry.

Gatti also received the UCLC’s most prestigious recognition.

“He was a recipient of our Ecumenical Service Award some years back,” Bernstine said.

Ron Kelly has a unique perspective regarding Gatti. He not only attends the Williamsport Church of the Nazarene, but also works with him in the CMA.

“I think his example has been the greatest benefit for the church. He has consistently demonstrated what it is to be a servant of the Lord Jesus,” Kelly said.

Kelly said Gatti’s “teaching has reinforced that,” but Gatti has lived by example.

“He has also consistently demonstrated what it is to be a true friend — one who, like the Scripture says, is ‘closer than a brother.’ He has turned the other cheek time after time,” Kelly said.

He went on to praise Gatti for showing people “how to face the worst that life can throw at us” but still expect that “somehow, Jesus will bring something good out of it.”

Kelly said Gatti’s wife is also an example of a fine Christian.

“Shirley has been his support and help in all of the above. She is a jewel,” Kelly said. “I am blessed to be a friend of Reverend Lou Gatti.”


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