Our Lady of Lourdes holds holy Eucharistic procession

Fr. Mike McCormick, of Our Lady of Lourdes, holds the monstrance during an outdoor Eucharistic Procession at the church in Montoursville on Tuesday to pray for the end of the coronavirus pandemic. The Eucharistic procession begins with a consecrated host that is placed within a monstrance, which is then lifted and carried by a priest who leads the faithful in procession. Like a pilgrimage, a eucharistic procession normally starts at one holy place and ends at another. The processions usually take place on Holy Thursday and the Corpus Christi. Eucharistic processions have also been practiced to call for the end of pestilence, as shown here. The smoke of burning incense is meant as a symbol of the prayer of the faithful rising to heaven. About 20 people came out for the procession.


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