Hunter’s Martial Arts-Warriors for Christ Dojo marks several milestones

Hunter’s Martial Arts-Warriors for Christ Dojo is proud to announce several milestones within their school.

Located at 825 Arch Street in the Newberry section of Williamsport, Shihan Steve Hunter and his assistant instructors are excited about their important achievements. “Shihan” is a Japanese term used as an honorific for teachers within certain martial arts.

“After teaching since 1986 professionally, I started this new program a little over three years ago and have never been as proud of what is being accomplished by my students, my assistant instructors and what is being accomplished for God’s glory,” Shihan Hunter said.

Just to name a few of the school’s recent accomplishments, March marked three years of being opened at the Lycoming Presbyterian Church and starting the Warriors for Christ program. Since then, many students have been exposed to the ways of improving their minds, their bodies and their spirit, making them happier, healthier. These teachings helped the students build closer relationships with Jesus.

On May 6, Shane Holland was promoted to Shodan, or first degree black belt in Buke-ryu Karate-jutsu. This honor has only been given to 69 students within Hunter’s organization in its rich history, with a student base of over 5,000.

Holland was also given the Japanese title of Joshu, which means assistant, and has been under the teaching of Shihan Hunter for 14 years.

Recently, a junior student won first place in an online talent show at his elementary school located in the Watsontown area.

Green Belt Lee Marshall performed a choreographed routine consisting of kata (forms), a bo staff weapons demonstration and multiple board breaks, which his parents and Hunter video-taped to submit to the contest. Marshall was congratulated for his precision, focus and concentration during his routine.

Prior to the shutdown of the state, Hunter’s Martial Arts entered a competition on Feb. 29 in Lewistown with four competing. Out of the four, including Hunter, the school brought home 12 awards including four grand champion awards.

These honors bring the school’s total in its long history to 1,330 awards taken home.

The school’s instructors and students look forward to upcoming tournaments to go and compete, meet other martial artists and to share their style and techniques with the large crowds of spectators.

Another important milestone will occur later this year, as Shihan Hunter will be promoted by several high ranking masters to his next level, or grade, of black belt status. Hunter, currently an 8th degree black belt, will accept his 9th degree after being 8th for 20 years now.

“Time spent at a rank is important for a black belt, which does not have to take a physical exam much like that of lower ranks, but has to place effort into the martial arts and the teaching of this valuable art for many years to others and produce good students. This is the way you give back to the martial arts for what you have taken and benefited from its study,” said Hunter.

Hunter and his school are now accepting students into its newly formed beginner classes on new nights.

Registration for this new class will begin today, from 8 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. at the Lycoming Presbyterian Church Gym, 825 Arch St.

The dojo is sponsoring a Vendor and Craft Fair to help raise money for both the church and Hunter’s Martial Arts. Several vendors will be on hand to sell their wares including Hunter with a booth to provide information on classes, sign up new students and to answer you self defense and martial arts questions.

Children starting at the age of 6, teens and adults alike are welcome to be evaluated and interviewed for a slot within this program consisting of Okinawan karate, Japanese Ju-jutsu and eventually, Okinawan weaponry and Japanese swordsmanship. These classes will begin on June 30 with juniors on Tuesday and Thursday nights from 6 to 7 p.m. and the teens and adults from 7 to 8 p.m.

A women’s self defense class will begin later this summer on the same nights.

Hunter is also a three-time published author and will have his latest book on hand for purchase, and will sign for buyers who request it.

Hunter is also proud to announce that he is currently working on two martial arts-themed books that will be released this year as well as filming a series of instructional DVDs, which will be available worldwide upon completion.

Hunter has been published in several martial arts magazines and in the past filmed a VHS series which was successful in the 1990s. Hunter is also known for his teaching of the now-famous US Navy SEAL and Hollywood star, Marcus Luttrell, along with his twin brother, Morgan. The Lone Survivor contributes his inner-most survival mentally and physically to his martial arts training under Shihan Hunter from his youth up to his now famous mission in Afghanistan.

Hunter has also had two students on episodes of Walker Texas Ranger and Hunter himself has worked with Chuck Norris in his Kick Drugs Out of America Program in Houston Schools.

“If we can be a positive influence within the home structure of the families we teach and help children and teens alike to understand honor, integrity and blessings from God himself, we will be successful in the elimination of much of the hatred, confusion and crime which is plaguing our country today,” said Hunter.

For more information on Hunter’s Martial Arts, Buke-ryu, signing up for classes or becoming a member of this organization in any fashion, contact Shihan Steve Hunter directly at 570-651-9688 or by e-mail at sthunter1314@comcast.net. Visit the website, www.bukeryu.com, and see Hunter’s Facebook page by searching for Shihan Steve Hunter.


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