Bells of St. Ann’s

The following poem was written and submitted by W. Scott Schell.

Sometimes when the wind blows

You can hear the Bells of St. Ann’s

Ringing from a distance

Waking up the land

On a cool September morning

She brings greetings,

She brings warnings

Tolling on the hour

Some are hearing, some ignoring

O…. listen

Hear the bells ringing

Don’t miss them

Swinging on the hour

Won’t you come on in?

No matter where you’ve been

Keep on listening

You’ll feel the awesome power

When we get discouraged

And things are looking bleak

We may be encouraged

By the bells as they speak

Echo through our township

Humbly reaching out

Beckon us to live by faith

Overcoming doubt

Hear the Bells of St. Ann’s

Resound through the thunder

Ancient chimes fill the land

With grandeur and with wonder

History repeats,

As evening bells complete

Their lovely melody

To Lull us all to asleep

On his words, Schell said:

“I was inspired by the sounds of the St. Ann’s Church Bells ringing and composed this song. The wonders and history of Loyalsock Township and surrounding areas are quite awesome!”


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