Footsteps to Follow: Silence with God – How do you find your solitude?

Is silence a dirty word? Seriously. How do you feel about solitude?

The answer to this question can vary widely depending on our personality and state in life. It does not matter if you are an extrovert or an introvert, a single person, married, an empty nester, retired, working from home, at a quiet desk, or in a noisy classroom, if you want to have a relationship with God, you need silence.

It is your alone time with your creator, protector, counselor, best friend, and so much more. When you feel empty, depleted, or are searching for purpose, you need silence with God. We all have a purpose. To stay on track in any relationship, it is imperative to spend quality time with each other. It is no different with our Creator.

Have I been quiet? Have I been silent with God? I know that I should. Today I read a blog about silence with God. I said my devotions, attended mass (even during COVID-19), and had a weekly hour of adoration (prayer before our Lord in the Eucharist). But was I attentive? Did I listen?

I thanked Him. I offered my intentions on behalf of loved ones, for my work, and for our community. But did I allow God to be with me? It is so simple but not so easy.

Asking questions helps. What are you saying to me, Lord? How can I serve you best? How can I love you and others right now as I am and where they are? How will the dreams you have inspired in me come to be? How am I doing Lord?

After so many questions, perhaps some tips would be helpful.

First, call upon the Holy Spirit to guide you. Open your Bible, and read a verse. Yes, it can be just one. Sit with it. If possible, sit in your place of worship when it is quiet. Or, set up a special place in your home for time with the Lord. Feel and listen for the presence of God.

Nature is also a place where you can find it easier to be open to the movements of God. Perhaps you could look out upon your favorite view. Be still, or take a walk. Maybe even grab a friend. Commit to a specific challenge, and keep each other accountable. Listen to your favorite spiritual music. When distractions set in, it is ok. Acknowledge that they are there, and then let them go.

Come back to being with God. To listening. Maybe He was speaking to you in the distraction. Ask Him.

God will speak. He loves you. He genuinely wants to have a personal relationship with you. He wants great things for you and has a plan. But you must be willing to listen before you act. Trust. He will lead the way.

We each have the potential to do wonderful things, to become great saints. It is simple but certainly not easy.

Do you have the courage to make time and space for God? Are you brave enough to then take the leap of faith and do what He is asking you to do?

Ms. Tiffany Haller, Member of Saint Ann Catholic Church


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