Footsteps to Follow: Alleluia. Christ is risen!

The Lord is risen indeed. Alleluia!

Has it been a year since the start of the pandemic? We have great hope for the world in the next year and how we will celebrate Easter 2022! But for now, life is getting better week by week, and it is a blessing to have some in-person services and streaming.

But are we working for the little resurrections in our community by empowering our neighbors? Or have we already forgotten the power of God’s Love on this second weekend of the Easter season? For instance, are we working to make sure women get the same pay as men? Progress has been made, but we are not there yet.

When we don’t treat each other equally, we are taking from one person, cheating others, and cheapening their value as children of God. The month of March, which highlights women’s accomplishments, might be over, but more work and more little resurrections are needed.

The same is true for people of color. Martin Luther King Day, week, and February may be over, but restitution and reconciliation need many little resurrections, and a few large ones. The same is true for people of Asian descent. White males, like myself, no matter our lot in life, have an automatic advantage in most aspects of our lives, and it is important for us to understand, speak, ask, and act where we can bring new life. We need to come out of our comfort zones, like a bulb rising out of the ground, drinking and absorbing the nutrients around us, to walk with the people around us for real progress. Then, while waiting for our final resurrection, we can be resurrections of justice and new life for each other.

While we may come up with different ways to accomplish these resurrections of women, minorities, and LGBTQ communities, we also need to address more common wealth for people in Pennsylvania and across our country and globe. We need to share our society’s wealth so every person can live with dignity. Lastly, even as a gun owner, I see a need to work on a system that can protect our right to own guns but also lessen the deaths and the violence that breaks out so often in our communities and to reduce the number of people who use guns as the answer to mental anguish.

I am not an expert on these issues, and there are other issues that I did not mention, but I am grateful that so many in our community are working on these, in their occupations and vocations, to make this world closer to what God intends for God’s creation. So, I humbly ask for prayer on these issues, especially when our sisters and brothers, all children of God, are not given a fair chance. This is often a silent violence, crosses that others bear that we do not even see unless we befriend, break bread together, and walk in each other’s shoes. Will we walk this road this Easter season?

Alleluia. Christ is Risen! Christ lifts us all into eternal life and calls us to be and share in Resurrection with each other in this life and the life to come!

Rev. Ken Wagner-Pizza, Trinity Episcopal Church


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