Faith Matters: Light and darkness

“God called the light ‘day’, and the darkness He called ‘night'” (Genesis 1:5a NIV). All of us are familiar with the Creation Story. Day 1, Day 2…rest. Day, night, sky, water, land, plants…us. From Day 1, there has been day and night, light and darkness. Then why am I surprised when I have moments of great joy followed by unfathomable grief? Why should I question when darkness takes my world and robs it of the sunshine? Why is it that, when the clouds roll in and get heavy, that I just want to hide under the covers until the dawn breaks?

If it has been day and night since Day 1, light and darkness should be expected.

I know that what He has created has purpose for my life. My head knows that, but my heart takes a little longer to realize it. But, when it does, I can acknowledge that it is in the silence of the night that I can hear God’s voice most clearly. It is in the darkness, without distractions, that I can see His plans for me. It is in the pain of those hours that I can feel Him comfort me, telling me I am not alone. He is with me. He promises that there will be a time when night will be no more.

How do we call forth songs of joy in the midst of our despair? A nightingale sings at night as well as the day. It is just more noticeable at night because few other birds are singing. The bird and its song have inspired poets throughout the years. Their song has been described as one of the most beautiful sounds in nature.

Could we be like the nightingale, singing at night, in our moments of darkness? Is it in that time while we sing that others will notice us more? Could our music inspire others to do the same?

God reminds us that we are not alone. Maybe, in our darkness, we can let others know that neither are they.

Pastor Tammey Aichner, First Church of Christ (Disciples), Williamsport


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