Serious commercial photography and video here at home

Eric Stashak Commercial Photography and Video Production has been in the Williamsport area since 1993, providing photography and video services for businesses and institutions.

A native of Lock Haven, Stashak is a member of the American Society of Media Photographers with 25 years of experience in the field. His studio is on the first floor of 328 Government Place.

“We always focused on industries, business and institutional photography,” Stashak said.

“It’s what I went to school for and all the photographers that I assisted after school in New York and Philadelphia as a freelance assistant, that’s what interested me–getting into the commercial end of it,” he added.

Stashak and his assistant of almost 10 years, Geneffer Moore, do a lot of work locally as well as travel to New York and other areas in the state. At one time they travelled quite a bit for work in the healthcare industry, but Stashak admitted that he’s glad that isn’t the case now because of having to deal with the restrictions with camera equipment and air travel today.

“I’m thankful to a lot of the local businesses what have been incredibly loyal to us through the years. Shop-Vac has been with us for almost 20 years,” he said. Other clients include Jersey Shore State Bank, Larson Design Group and a local jeweler, Anne McKay.

“We do a lot of product photography,” he said.

One thing Stashak wants people to know is that they’re not just a photo studio, but they also do video work.

“We’re a video production company and have been for seven years. We made the transition into video and we’ve been doing a lot of video work, probably as much video as still (photography),” he noted.

The videos made for companies are primarily used on websites.

“We did a couple of video ads for Shop-Vac. It was for Lowe’s. We did a five-minute video for Textron Lycoming Engines,” he said.

Stashak also is certified to use a drone for his work. He noted it was much easier to work with a drone for aerial photography rather than trying to coordinate airplane and pilot schedules and the weather.

“It’s kind of revolutionized the way we do things. It’s become another tool in the tool box,” he said. “A very useful tool. We haven’t rented an airplane in a couple of years. We don’t have the need for it now.”

He said working with a drone is much more efficient and cost-effective.

For hours and contact information Stashak is online at: https://www.ericstashak.com/architechture