Malee Law Firm helps people plan ahead

Malee Law Firm can help solidify legal situations after the fact, but Jim Malee believes in looking ahead.

Malee Law Firm, located at 310 E. Third St., Williamsport, focuses on estate planning, elder law, estate administration, elder care and orphan-courts.

Nobody should neglect legal preparations in those areas, according to Malee. That’s where he comes in.

“It’s to be proactive, it’s to plan ahead,” Malee said.

Perhaps the most obvious way of planning ahead is setting and updating a will. Malee explained Pennsylvania automatically create a will for residents — and some people do not like it, according to Malee.

Writing a will is about making sure when someone dies, their assets are distributed to the right people in the correct manner, according to Malee.

Meanwhile, on the other side of the spectrum, proactivity for younger adults means ensuring that if they are in an accident and are incapacitated, they have the right people making financial and medical decisions for them.

Part of planning ahead includes solidifying wills, but it also means looking at how people will pay when they go into nursing homes. It is about protecting assets ahead of time, Malee said.

Malee does not profess to be a general practice lawyer — his team doesn’t handle divorces, nor do they typically handle personal injury. Malee Law Firm focuses almost exclusively on estate planning, elder law, estate administration, elder care and orphan-court.

In fact, Malee Law Firm’s expertise in the focused legal issues they pursue allows them to excel in those areas, Malee said.

“Plus, we stay involved and up-to-date with the latest issues. We go to statewide conferences and stay abreast with changing laws,” Malee said.

“We do aggressive planning — tried and true planning,” Malee said.

Malee first moved to Lycoming County from Tacoma, Washington, to practice law in 1990. After two years of working with others, he set up his own private practice, Malee Law Firm, and has been offering legal services in the area ever since.

Malee is joined by Stephanie Tambesco, his office manager, who also helps deal in estate administration. Tambesco also helps run a 501c3 nonprofit called “Susquehanna Guardians and Advisors, Inc,” which acts as a court-appointed guardian for individuals who have nobody else the court could appoint as a guardian.

“We have stepped up into that position and are helping people in the community who are at the end of the road and don’t have family or friends to help them out,” Malee said.

Tambesco and Malee are joined by Jess Gray, a secretary and receptionist, who is also involved in the elder law aspect of the law firm. Malee hinted at the potential for expansion, but said he prefers to keep his business small and his overhead low.

Malee said having lower business expenses helps keep prices affordable for customers.

“You get the personal attention — you are going to get to know the people and staff working with you,” Malee said.

After a few move-arounds, Malee finally came to rest its East Third Street (and Basin) location, which has its own parking lot which increases accessibility, Malee said.


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