Paris Healthcare Linen Services helps during pandemic

What started as a dry-cleaning business over 100 years ago by Mr. August Paris, is now a Healthcare Laundry Accreditation Council accredited and Hygienically Clean certified business with three production plants.

“We’ve grown exponentially,” Stephanie Spotts, human resources and safety manager, said.

Paris Healthcare Linen Services specializes in sterile and non-sterile healthcare linens including bedding, patient gowns and more.

The three plants in Williamsport, DuBois and Ravenna, Ohio, work to service local hospitals, nursing homes and doctor’s offices.

“This has had a positive impact on Paris Healthcare Linen Services so that Paris can service more customers with care,” Spotts added.

The business helps service the healthcare industry by taking “soiled” linens and putting them through a cleaning process through Paris washers and dryers, some get folded and ironed from their specific machinery, and then transported back to hospitals, nursing and long-term homes and local doctor’s offices.

The local plant provides services as far as Philadelphia, Harrisburg, New York and New Jersey.

They also serve many of the local facilities.

The business, which started in 1918 as Paris Veri-Safe Drycleaners by Mr. August Paris in Brockway, was bought out in 1945 for it to be bought by Davis Sten in 1973 when it became Paris Uniform Rental and Supply Company.

From there the business boomed. It moved to DuBois in 1980 and expanded into another building in 1986 just before opening another plant in Williamsport in 1995.

From there, the business continued to expand into what it is today.

Paris even continued to work through the pandemic to help those who were keeping our local and state communities safe with their sterile materials.

“We never shut down,” Spotts said. “Hospitals still needed the linens and we were still able to provide them with anything that they needed or still need.”

The customer relationship is also very important to Paris.

“We really care about the quality that we are serving,” Spotts said. “The reason for our growth is that our customers have a high regard for the quality and service of the goods we provide. The future looks bright…we are continuing to grow. This means more opportunities for each person who is part of our team.”


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