Rideshare service keeps greater area travellers safe

Formed in July of 2019 a group of approximately 30 Uber and Lyft rideshare drivers in the greater Williamsport area joined together to create the Greater Williamsport Area Rideshare Drivers’ Association to ensure the best and quality rides for citizens who need them for any type of situation.

According to Jimmy Moore, president, there were citizens who were commenting about having “very bad” riding experiences from Uber and Lyft drivers in the city. Shawn Millard started gathering some of the best rideshare drivers in the city to help combat the traffic during 2019’s Little League World Series.

The association created their own stickers to have alongside the required Uber and Lyft stickers to let riders know that they will have a safer riding experience.

“We wanted to separate ourselves from drivers who were not conducting themselves appropriately … those that didn’t care or follow the rules,” Moore said. “We wanted riders to know that we do things differently. We pride ourselves on the way we treat others … and the way our cars look on the inside and out.”

Before people can get into the Association, Moore, alongside Michael Rickard, vice president, and Terry Miller, co-treasurer, have to ensure that the drivers will follow all of the rules of the Association but also Uber and Lyft rules including but not limited to: not accepting cash rides, only having the driver and the rider in the ride, following all child safety seat rules, providing a clean and professional environment in the car and more.

Additionally, the drivers in the association works together on the Marco Polo mobile application in case of any emergencies or if locals need a ride via their “simple texting” program.

This program allows locals to text a phone number for rides to work, doctor’s appointments, etc. The rider can plan this ride in advance as well according to Miller.

“We work together so that no one is ever stranded,” Moore added. “We have each other’s backs.”

Miller, Rickard and Moore also wanted to provide some tips to riders to ensure the best rides possible.

• Asking the driver who they are picking up

• Checking the make, model and the license plate number

• Check for the Uber or Lyft sticker in the bottom right corner of the windshield

• Always, always, always rate the driver and the driving experience through the rideshare application

• Also check for the Drivers’ Association sticker in the upper left hand corner of the windshield

“It only takes a second to check these things, and it only takes a second for your life,” Miller said.

For more information on the “simple texting” program or the Association, please contact Moore at 570-971-6046.


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