Area convenience store chain looks to grow

@ Your Convenience Stores, a chain throughout the Greater Williamsport Area, offers lottery, tobacco and vape products, games of skill and more.

The store, which has been around since 2016, has expanded to numerous locations including Williamsport, South Williamsport, Hughesville and soon Linden.

“When I bought the building I saw the potential of owning a store and we made that happen. Now the focus is opening more stores and businesses to spread the @YourConvenience brand throughout Pennsylvania” said Brad Gordner, owner of @ Your Convenience Stores.

The store has had multiple large winnings, including a Pennsylvania lottery ticket for $517,000 that sold this past February 2022.

“I’m happy to provide a great service that they want to keep coming back,” Gordner said. “When people buy big winning tickets here, in a way, our stores made their dreams come true.”

Gordner runs the store with the help from his father, Chuck Gordner, CFO and cousin Brian Thomas, president of operations. They currently have around 15 employees all together, and continue to grow.

“The game of skill machines is definitely a driving force in our ability to grow and expand — to support more families by being able to buy more buildings, open more stores which means more employees,” said Gordner.

The employees at Your Convenience Stores are ready to answer questions about lottery tickets, games, vape and more.

“We got a nice solid crew here. Everyone’s dedicated and works as a team. They enjoy helping the customers out — they’re able to guide people to the lottery ticket that might be for them, guide them through the process of buying the tickets if they are unsure, or walk them through how vaping may help them quit smoking cigarettes, how to use our vape products and guide our customer to the right product with the right flavor for them. Overall, we have a great, solid, and dedicated team here,” said Gordner. “Make sure to ask them about our discounts for all current military, veterans, police, and medical marijuana card holders for vape and vape products.”

The store also has a selection of snacks and drinks available to customers, some of which are free to those playing games of skill.

“The games of skill players at all the locations get free bottled water and snacks. They may sit there for a while so we want our customers to be comfortable and feel at home,” said Gordner.

The new store that is anticipated to open in Linden soon will be adding subs and pizza. “Linden has a full blown kitchen, so we’re going to roll out the cold subs, pizzas and other baked goods from that location,” said Gordner. “Then from there, we will be introducing subs and pizzas to all of our other locations as well.”

Gordner also has hopes to eventually move the South Williamsport location to the larger building attached to the current South Side @YourConvenience.

“I’m very excited to work with The South Williamsport Borough to get my store into that building,” said Gordner. “Bigger store with pizza subs and 6-packs. More employees. More tax revenue. It’s a win-win-win. Customers win. I win. The borough wins.”

For At Your Convenience store updates and sharing of big wins, follow them on Facebook at www.facebook.com/AtYourConvenienceStores. They can also be reached at 272-202-3140.


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