Presidential candidate talks about jobs in city

With the Pennsylvania primary just days away, Lycoming County residents received an automated phone call from the Ted Cruz campaign Thursday night telling them about a Cruz Rally in Williamsport Friday morning.

Despite the short notice and middle-of-the-workday timing, Cruz was able to draw a crowd of between 600 and 800 supporters at the NuWeld Inc. warehouse on Reach Road.

“The entire country’s eyes are on Pennsylvania right now,” Cruz said.

He promised jobs, freedom and security for the American people and said he would “take the boot of government off the back of small business.”

“We think that (Cruz) would make an excellent president,” Mary Getz told the Sun-Gazette as she waited for the presidential candidate to arrive. Getz said Cruz is what America needs to turn the country around.

Gene and Mary Johnson still are undecided but they are “trying to make a decision by Tuesday,” Gene said.

Mary held the couple’s 4-month-old granddaughter, Lucy, in her arms and said they want to make a decision that will make her future secure.

“We have to get it right this time,” Mary said.

Job creation will save the American economy Cruz said. He added that the best way to do that is to tap into natural gas and allow state, not federal government, to control their own business practices. According to Cruz, Hillary Clinton’s war on coal is destroying jobs across America.

“The states know exactly how to do it to generate jobs,” Cruz said, emphasizing that the federal government should have no authority over fracking.

“Pennsylvania is an energy state,” he added. “Energy is the key to unleashing our economy.”

As a true conservative, the presidential hopeful vowed to repeal ObamaCare, abolish the Internal Revenue Service and rein in the Environmental Protection Agency.

Additionally, he promised to abolish to Department of Education, saying parents and teachers, rather than politicians, know what is best for their children and students.

Cruz slammed Donald Trump’s recent interview statement that transgendered people should be able to use whichever bathroom they chose.

“That is just nuts,” Cruz said. He asked politicians to return to common sense and shared values.

Gun rights and religious liberty are staples of the conservative movement and Cruz vowed not to compromise on either issue.

“I will not compromise away your religious liberty, and I will not compromise away your Second Amendment right to bear arms,” Cruz said.

Cruz told reporters at the rally that Trump has no chance of winning the 1,237 delegates he needs for the Republican nomination, which will send the candidates into a contested national convention that Cruz is hopeful he will win.

According to Cruz, if Trump were to win the presidential nomination it would secure Clinton’s win of the presidential race in November and Trump would lose by double digits.


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