No tax hike in first reading of Jersey Shore Area School District’s budget

JERSEY SHORE – The first reading of the Jersey Shore Area School District’s budget introduced Monday reflects no tax increase “at this time,” according to Ben Enders, district manager.

This is the first reading of the budget, which will be approved on a final reading at a future meeting.

Expenditures for the budget total $42,924,073 and revenue totals $41,711,841, which makes this a balanced budget Enders said.

Salaries constituted the majority of expenditure in the budget at a total of $16,751,257, with employee benefits coming in second at $12,994,872.

Other expenditures include: charter school costs, $2,145,00; special education contracted costs, $944,700; transportation costs, $1,741,037, which is an increase of $70,769 over this year’s budget and bond/debt payments, $3,241,935.

Sources of income include federal, state and local revenues.

Enders did note that the Governor’s budget does not guarantee a specific amount at this time and the line items could be adjusted either higher or lower. The amounts will not be finalized until the budget is passed, which does not have to be done until June 30, Enders said.

In other business, the board approved the establishment of a scholarship fund by the Class of 2019 to be named the Courtney Miele Scholarship in memory of a student who passed away earlier this year. The students who proposed the scholarship told the board that they currently have $3,000 collected for the scholarship which will be awarded in $500 increments each year. Members also hope to add to that amount through future donations from local businesses.

The board approved the following items:

• The revision of the 2018-2019 school year calendar to adjust for snow days.

• A donation of Stop the Bleed kits from Geisinger Hospital of Jersey Shore.

• A two-year linkage agreement with the Community Services Group.

• An agreement of limited professional services with Larson Design Group for the high school CTE project at a cost of $6,800.

Under personnel, the board approved:

• The appointments of Christopher Eck as assistant girls’ track and field coach at a rate of $2,436; Mindy Gunn as assistant middle school track and field coach at a rate of $1,872; Mandee Jenkins as assistant varsity softball coach at a rate of $2,165 and Rylie Neece as a volunteer middle school girls’ soccer coach.

The next board meeting will be at 7 p.m. March 25 at the District Building, 175 A & P Drive.