Township passes budget, looks to raise stormwater fees

Old Lycoming supervisors passed a no-tax increase budget, but prepared an ordinance to allow the township to raise an anticipated $4 million to comply with stormwater run-off mandates.

The 2020 budget was balanced without any need to raise taxes, said Bob Whitford, township manager.

The township has budgeted for $5,370,064, with $3,607,696 in the general fund, $35,305 in the special light fund, $5000 in the capital project fund, $1,497,611 in the sewer fund, and $224,452 in the state fund.

This makes several years in a row where the supervisors have not raised taxes and will find it more difficult to do so in future years, he said.

However, residents may expect to pay a small amount more to the township through a stormwater management fee ordinance, which has been advertised.

“We did budget some funds for the stormwater portion of (the budget), but as far as property tax, there is no tax increase,” said Whitford.

Municipal governments throughout the state are required by the state Department of Environmental Protection to lower the amount of particulate that flows into rivers.

Old Lycoming Township expects a permit, issued by DEP to allow for their

current pollution levels, in the next six months, said Linda Mazzullo, supervisor. The permit expires after five years.

“Right now we’re looking at a fee of $5 a month for homes or businesses, and it would be a line item on our tax bill for $60 a year,” she said.

The fee is minimal compared to other municipalities, she added.

“It would also allow us to apply for grant money to help us restore Bottle Run, and all the other best management practices that we have to do,” said Mazzullo.

The township had originally planned to require a fee of $15 to $20 a month, but was able “to whittle it down,” said David Shirn, supervisor.

Sam Aungst, supervisor, was also present.

The next Old Lycoming Township supervisor meeting is scheduled for 7 p.m. Jan 14, 2020 at the township municipal offices, 1951 Upper Green Avenue.


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