Ad hoc committee creation next step on City Hall decision

An ad hoc committee on City Hall may be formed soon, city officials said.

Mayor Derek Slaughter said the committee would be created by the administration and City Council.

An overarching question exists on whether it is most economical to stay or exercise some other option, Council President Randall J. Allison said.

The question will be addressed by the committee, the next logical step in a strategic plan, he noted.

The committee’s charge will be to come up with options and price tags that are substantiated and agreed upon by consensus, Allison said.

Decisions must be made with accurate information that is timely, he said.

“It does not have to be a long, drawn out process,” Allison said, adding “it has to be thorough and apolitical.”

Meanwhile, the administration and council are dealing with issues running the gamut from request for proposals for legal and government relations, hirings, initiatives and what has been characterized as “housecleaning issues from the past.”

Slaughter said the committee on the building could be created sooner than later.

The reality is the city meetings are being held at the Trade and Transit Centre II Michael Ross Event room until these matters are ironed out.

City Hall would cost at least $2 million or more to invest in, according to Joseph Gerardi, city codes administrator.

That would cover costs to make it accessible and function, such as having proper air flow, no more leaking roof issues and other modern upgrades, he said.

Gerardi assessed the building and separately looked at all buildings and services in the city for accessibility. He said he has forwarded the list to the city attorneys who turned them over to the Department of Justice.

The department, through the U.S. Attorney Office in Harrisburg, asked for the list following a complaint it received from an advocacy group supporting disabled individuals.

Until the issue is resolved, public meetings are being held at Trade and Transit Centre II.


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