Montoursville couple gets probation, community service for spending spree

The Montoursville couple who went on a spending spree when a bank mistakenly deposited $125,000 into their account were sentenced to seven years probation.

Tiffany M. Williams, 35, of 303 Cypress St., and Robert Williams, 37, of 675 Cemetery St., spent more than $100,000 in two-and-a-half weeks in June 2019 on a Chevrolet SUV, a camper, car trailer and a race car.

They also paid some of their bills and handed out about $15,000 to their friends, according to court records.

By the time the bank’s branch offices discovered the error on June 20 and corrected the mistake, the couple had an overdraft of $107,416.

Before the teller’s error, there was $1,121 in the couple’s account, Brown said in an affidavit.

When the bank reached out to Tiffany Williams for repayment, she said “she no longer had the funds because she had already paid off bills. She told the bank her husband had spent a great portion of the funds and purchased a four-wheeler. She said she would speak to her husband and attempt to construct a repayment agreement,” according to the affidavit.

In early July, the couple failed to reply to the bank’s inquiries and the state police were contacted.

In investigator interviews, both individuals “admitted to knowing the mislaid money did not belong to them, but spent it anyway,” said state police.

Tiffany and Robert Williams are also both sentenced to 100 hours of community service.


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