Resident questions commissioner about Little League trip and wearing of masks

A resident’s inquiry as to why local Little Leaguers playing catch on the lawn of the White House last week did not wear masks set off a discussion about remaining safe from COVID-19.

Bill Fenderson said he felt the group of players from the Montoursville Little League and their chaperones should have set an example to others around the nation about the need for masks during the coronavirus pandemic.

Commissioner Scott Metzger, who serves as president of the Little League, said all precautions were taken to ensure that everyone was safe from COVID-19 during the visit to Washington, D.C.

It included testing of all players and chaperones, all of whom turned up negative for coronavirus.

“We took three vehicles to space kids out,” he said. “We went to the medical unit at the White House.”

Metzger said the White House staff took the prospect of someone becoming infected by coronavirus very seriously.

He said it was too bad that the TV networks such as CNN focused on why kids didn’t wear masks.

Metzger said the trip to the White House to meet President Trump was about celebrating baseball.

“We were blessed to have that opportunity,” he said.

Fenderson noted that the number of coronavirus cases continue to rise, including in Lycoming County.

Metzger pointed out that more than 50 million people in the U.S. have been tested for coronavirus, more than any other nation.

Commissioner Rick Mirabito stressed the need for people to continue to wear masks while in public.

The problem, he said, is too many people with no COVID-19 symptoms feel it’s okay to not wear a mask, even though they might still be infected with coronavirus.

“I wear a mask to protect you” from coronavirus, he said.

He noted that the county does not have in place a policy requiring people to quarantine themselves after returning home from traveling to places considered “hot spots” for COVID-19.


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