WASD, Camp Susque partner on learning sites

Students in the Williamsport Area School District will have learning sites in the area where they can go on remote learning days through a collaborative effort with Camp Susque, according to Superintendent Timothy S. Bowers.

Bowers made the announcement at a virtual board meeting held earlier this week. He noted that the sites had launched Tuesday as schools reopened in a hybrid plan for the fall.

“That was a big collaborative effort. Lots of people in the community jumped in to help,” Bowers said.

He explained that if a hybrid student has in-person classes on Monday and Wednesday, then on Tuesday and Thursday during their remote learning time, they can go to the Camp Susque sites.

“It gives them somewhere to go and families need that. Some families needed it and some families didn’t, but these community groups have really stepped up to help,” he said.

More information about the sites, which are open to students who attend Cochran, Hepburn-Lycoming and Stevens primary schools, is available on the individual schools’ links on the district website.

Children must register to attend the sites.

In other business, the board approved the following people to serve as supplemental teachers for help desk support for remote learning students during after school and evening hours for the current school year at a contract rate of $31.20 per hour:

Adam J. Allison, Michelle L. Boyles, Dustin B. Brouse, Heather M. Buffington, Kaleena M. Dietrick, Baleigh L. Dunkleberger, Donald J. Fisher, Molly P. Forney, Marcy L. Garrison, Amy E. Harpster, Lindsay M. Hart, Christine R. Krajnyak, Derreck M. Lanzer, Brandon M. Lusk, Marcia L. McCann, Kristiann McQuown, Kelley A. Milton, Ashley V. Muchler, Nathan E. Pish, Robert P. Rook, Elizabeth A. Sauers, Bailey L. Snyder, Carey A. Taddeo, Kelly M. Titus, Bobbi Jean Walls, Lisa A. Walter, Diane E. Welch, Daniel M. Woleslagle and Nicholas E. Yevics.

Also, due to students choosing the remote option for the current school year, several aides are being reassigned at their current salary rates to the following positions across the district:

Mary A. Kimble, high school, special education aide-inclusion; Edward L. Hare, part-time high school, non-special education aide-behavior support; Valorie Taylor, middle school, special education aide–inclusion; Illiana Kalamofani, part-time special education aide–autistic support at Jackson; Cindy L. Ryder, special education aide–autistic support at Jackson; Susan L. Green, special education aide–life skill support at Hepburn-Lycoming; Ilene Butler, special education aide–life skills at Hepburn-Lycoming and Greg Ousley, high school special education aide–inclusion.

Elizabeth A. Haldeman, Mitchell D. Floyd and Joel M. Poritsky were approved as a non-certified substitute teachers at a rate of $90 per day for the first 45 days and $110 per day for days beyond the 45th day. Patricia L. Klinger was approved a a substitute teacher at the rate of $120 per day for the first 45 days and $130 per day beyond that.

Substitute staff approved by the board and their position and rate of pay were:

• Wendy R. Corey, Laura B. Kittle, Amy B. Rutherford and Maddison E. Walz, substitute administrative support aides. $9 per hour.

• Michael A. Laudenslager, substitute custodian and/or event staff, $9 and $10 per hour.

• Charles M. Goodmond Jr., Corbett H. Hendrickson, Michael A. Laudenslager, Laura Kittle and Stephen J. Andrade, substitute temporary traffic control and safety services, $10 per hour.

• Rachael L. Reitz (RN) and Amy L. Doebler Heckman (RN), substitute health room technicians, $32 per hour.

• Quin R. Webb, part-time custodian floater at $13.15 per hour.

• Jeffrey W. Moore, pandemic response facilitator for the district, $350 per day for up to 175 days as needed.

Paige Trottier, interpreter of American Sign Language and Pidgin Sign English, was approved to provide a day-to-day substitute interpreter services at a rate of $30.49 per hour.

The board also accepted the resignations of Wendy Corey and Coleen Genovese.

Under curriculum items, the board approved:

• The renewal of the Vmware-Academic Licensing from GovConnection at a cost of $3,262.

• A contract with the Western Pennsylvania School for the Deaf to provide off-campus interpreting service for the district at a cost of $20,000, which will be billed in ten equal installments through the special education budget.

• The renews of the standard support subscription for iBoss Technology at a cost of $9,969.

• The fall 2020 sports schedules.

The use of four buses to transport athletes on hybrid remote days from key locations in the district to practices or games was approved. The estimated cost is $1,204 per week.

The next board meeting will be at 6 p.m. Sept. 15.


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