Mayor speaks on proposed budget

Mayor Derek Slaughter issued the following statement on the ongoing proposed 2021 budget.

“Transparency remains an important element of my administration. However, there is a current situation that forbids the administration and City Council from publicly disclosing certain issues.

“Be assured that the administration will have these public discussions just as soon as we are allowed.

“Personally, I am anxious to have this

conversation with the taxpayers and residents of Williamsport.

“I have reached out to various government agencies that have provided and continue to provide significant funding to our city including, but not limited to, the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation (PennDOT) and the Federal Transit Administration (FTA) for review, recommendations, and action.

“These factors will have an impact on our 2021 budget.

“Given the current circumstances, the proposed 2021 budget is a starting point for the administration and Council to work together to make reductions that may, however, be subject to future changes.

“The budget work sessions and the City Council meetings that follow are inherently open and transparent.

“They show the public what cuts and additions are proposed and our current priorities.

“You will see the highest level of transparency in the near future as the outstanding inquiries are resolved.

“When the facts are made public, I will be free to openly discuss solutions to our budget and answer any and all questions.”


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