Geisinger expert debunks COVID-19 vaccine rumors

LOCK HAVEN — Local health care systems have heard just about every rumor from non-credible internet news sources about the COVID-19 vaccines over the last month.

Rumors that say the vaccination is not safe for pregnant women, that it can make a person infertile, that the vaccine itself microchips and mind controls the patient receiving it, have all been proven to be false according to credible information from the Center for Disease Control, the state Department of Health and Geisinger primary care physicians like Dr. Joseph Candelore.

“As providers, we try to stay on top of the latest data and studies,” Candelore said. “We have all been on the frontline of this (pandemic).”

“People are being bombarded with so many different sources of information,” he continued. “You always have to be careful about where you are getting the information from.”

Candelore himself also received both doses of the Pfizer vaccine and had little response to the shot other than the normal arm pain and body aches, especially after the second dose.

“It is important to know (about the side effects),” he said. “(Side effects) are a good thing because it means your body is

amounting an immune response. It was a positive experience.”

He also urges those who are concerned about the logistics of the vaccines and are on the fence about getting the vaccines to talk to their personal care physicians and to find resources from credible resources that are peer reviewed.

“Whether it is looking for positives or the negatives, I think when it comes to health and science subjects, you have to be careful about where you source your information,” Candelore said.

“We all have a part, whether we are health professionals or not, to decrease the prevalence of the virus in our community. We have a new tool out there to use. It still went through all FDA protocols, it is safe.”

“I always try to explain to my own patients that we are in this together,” he continued.


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