Lycoming County Commissioners ‘don’t have authority to draft’ 2nd amendment ordinance

Lycoming County commissioners do not plan to pass an ordinance to protect the rights of gun owners fearful of losing their Second Amendment rights.

Commissioners announced at their Tuesday meeting that they have received numerous emails from people requesting they pass the Second Amendment Sanctuary Ordinance.

“We don’t have the authority to draft an ordinance,” Commissioner Rick Mirabito said.

Nor, he said, do the county commissioners have prosecutorial powers to enforce such ordinances.

“All three of us support people’s rights under the Second Amendment,” he added.

“Even if we pass an ordinance, who will enforce it?” Commissioner Scott Metzger said. “Our solicitor has advised us we can’t do it.”

He noted that two or three counties in the state have approved resolutions to support the Second Amendment Sanctuary Ordinance.

“That is not as effective as an ordinance,” he said.

The Sanctuary Ordinance outlines an unlawful act that “shall consist of any federal or state act, law, order, rule, or regulation, which restricts an individual’s constitutional right to keep and bear arms, including any federal or state act, law, order, rule, or regulation which bans or effectively bans, registers or effectively registers, or limits the lawful use of firearms, firearm accessories or ammunition.”

Any such unlawful act, the Sanctuary Ordinance states, shall be invalid in a particular county where it is enacted.

In other matters, commissioners approved a grant and monitoring agreement with Mansfield University for police training.

The $20,000 agreement will be paid through Act 13 funds.

Commissioners approved a $71,096 agreement with the Altoona Water Authority for emergency leachate processing at the landfill.

Commissioners approved the purchase of four aluminum box culverts for four bridge construction projects at a cost of $205,345 as part of the county’s bridge bundling program. The bridges are located in Eldred, Hepburn, Limestone, and Muncy townships.

Commissioners approved the following personnel for positions:

* James M. Mitchley, veteran affairs assistant, $17.44 per hour.

* Taylor J. Beucler, assistant district attorney, $53,543 annually.

* Brandy R. Clemens, director of budget and finance, $71,522 annually.


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