City parks survey for accessibility under development

A community survey of city parks is the next project the city accessibility advisory commission has undertaken.

It would be a query of city residents and others offering them a chance to answer questions on their viewpoints are of city parks, to gain insight as the commission continues to hold meetings and ensure accessibility needs are met throughout the city.

So far, the commission has explored prices to advertise a statement directing individuals to take the survey, said Max Moore, a commission member.

The survey might be able to be put on the city Website, he said.

The commission also plans to hold a workshop to formulate the survey questions and determine what it might look like.

A similar survey was done as part of the Master Parks Plan in 2006 but parks have changed since then, and accessibility needs have taken the forefront through awareness campaigns.

The commission wants to gain perspective on the amount of use in each of the city-owned parks and other statistics, Moore said.

To obtain financing for the advertising costs, the commission may have to approach Council’s finance committee with the request for the expense of the cost of the advertisement.

Joseph Gerardi, city codes administrator, is gathering a list of events that are at each of the parks and working with Kayla Drummond, the city recreation coordinator, to provide information to the commission.

As part of the overview of parks, the commission wants to explore public water fountains in terms of accessibility needs.

Representatives from Roads to Freedom Center for Independent Living has invited commission members and others in the city to a “meet and greet” that might happen later this month or early in June.

Roads to Freedom Center for Independent Living want to share what services and programs they offer and benefits for those in the accessible community.

Council members are among those invited to the meet and greet, Moore said.


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