James V. Brown Library director: Community support appreciated

Following the Lycoming County Commissioners’ meeting Tuesday, where the controversy surrounding materials on display in the James V. Brown Library’s children’s department in celebration of PRIDE month, was addressed by members of the community, Barbara McGary, executive director of the library, commented on the outpouring of support the library has received since the issue was first raised by Commissioners Scott Metzger and Tony Mussare.

“It wasn’t expected, the amount of support, and it’s tremendous,” McGary said. “It’s very much appreciated. It’s very telling that there are so many families in our community that appreciate and need these resources.”

McGary said that the library is very grateful for all the businesses and community members and the letters and emails expressing community support.

“The community was very eloquent of their support. It was very warm and appreciative for everyone to express the importance of libraries.

“The library is for everyone. It is really important for us to make sure that every single person in our community feels respected and valued and welcome,” she stressed.

She noted that because of the community support, people are reaching out to the library and they are donating to the library to help ensure that this collection stays in place.


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