Lycoming County commissioners talk election integrity, meaning of votes audit

The Lycoming County commissioners have opinions about election integrity and the recent call for an audit of 2020 election results in three counties, including Tioga.

Commissioner Tony Mussare said Tuesday he would certainly not want to see Lycoming County’s election equipment seized.

Last week, state Sen. Doug Mastriano, R-Franklin, demanded a forensic investigation of the election and issued letters to Philadelphia, York and Tioga counties to obtain voting information.

Subpoenas sent to those counties failing to cooperate could mean the seizure of machines, according to commissioners.

“I’m concerned about them taking our machines,” Mussare said.

The county has spent more than $1 million on new election equipment.

Commissioner Rick Mirabito also expressed concern.

“We would probably have to buy new machines. I would not be happy if that happened,” he said.

Mussare later told the Sun-Gazette that Lycoming County should not be audited for election results.

“We feel confident our process is correct,” he said. “We do our own audit.”

After each election, the county conducts an official count as mandated by the state.

But Mussare also made it clear he feels there needs to be election integrity everywhere going forward.

For example, he said he has problems with opposition to requiring voter identification at the polls.

“I don’t see how asking for ID is a suppression of vote,” he said. “We want a fair election, but we don’t want rhetoric behind it.”

Added Metzger: “It’s mind-boggling why photo ID isn’t needed.”

Opponents of voter ID have claimed that Republicans are pushing for it to prevent minority and younger voters, many of whom lack ID, and often vote for Democratic candidates, from going to the polls and casting ballots.

They also cite the very few instances of voter fraud.

Last month, Gov. Tom Wolf vetoed a Republican-crafted elections bill that would have mandated voter ID in all elections, as well as a host of other changes to election law.


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