Jersey Shore School Board supports mask injunction

A crowd of people calling for the unmasking of students highlighted action at the Jersey Shore School Board meeting this week.

They included parents of school children who claimed the masks are harmful to students.

Others told the board they felt their rights were being tramped upon by the state’s mask mandate.

School directors sat and listened but did not respond to each of the comments made during the public presentation portion of the meeting held in the middle school auditorium.

The board did vote to support an injunction filed by state Republicans and parents seeking to overturn the statewide mask mandate for schools.

Superintendent Dr. Brian Ulmer said the board vote authorizes the school solicitor to investigate the legality of the lawsuit filed in Commonwealth Court. It does not authorize the board to go against or overturn the mandate.

The hearing is set for Sept. 16.

Among those speaking out against masking was Wendy Moyer, of Porter Township, who told the board the district does not have permission to mask her children.

“It’s our rights as parents to decide what is right for our kids,” Nathan Paulhamus, of Limestone Township, said.

Clay Hawkins said children are far more likely to die from the flu than COVID-19.

He added that there exists little information to prove that masks work to protect children from the virus.

Brooke Wright, of Anthony Township, listed the harmful impacts of masking children, claiming they affect cognitive functions, inhibit breathing and cause mental health problems.

More than one parent threatened to pull their children out of the district if the mask mandate is not overturned.

One person who spoke out at the meeting said she supported the mask mandate and opposed the injunction.

State Rep. Stephanie Borowicz, R-Lock Haven, said, “You to find your line in the sand. We are losing our freedom.”

She urged the board to support the Constitution.

At the outset of the meeting, a board policy was read stating that all board meetings will be conducted in an orderly manner and that placards, banners and other signage will not be permitted at the meetings.

Several people subsequently left the room with their signs in adherence to the policy.


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