Postal service to hire amidst pandemic surge

The U.S. Postal Service is on a hiring spree, one that falls amid the COVID-19 pandemic causing shortages as workers become infected or are on quarantine and the seasonal holiday mailing rush begins.

The coronavirus pandemic has impacted staffing periodically at some U.S. Postal Service facilities, said Desai Abdul-Razzaaq, a USPS spokesman.

“Due to the incredible flexibility of our workforce, we are able to reallocate personnel as needed to ensure continuity of operations,” he said.

The service is investing in its employees with the recently implemented “Delivering for America” 10-year plan, he said.

The plan includes a commitment to stabilize and strengthen the postal workforce. In addition, it is an investment in retail and delivery networks.

Postal service to hire amidst pandemic surge

It focuses heavily on improving collaboration and engagement within the workplace and strengthening the employee experience by offering:

• Significant investment in training, tools and technology that will enable employees to enjoy a long-term career and enhance their safety and well-being.

• A more stable career path and organizational structure that provides greater opportunity for advancement.

• An improved workplace that advances a culture of diversity, inclusion and acceptance with the creation of an Executive Diversity Council.

The service is continually hiring for career, part-time and seasonal positions, Abdul-Razzaaq said, adding it was an ideal time for candidates to apply for jobs as the service ramps up operations for the holiday mailing season.

The hiring could also offset the problems caused by the virus.

Whenever postal employees get a positive test, they are immediately off for several weeks and must receive clearance from the postal service nurse, said Linda Sosniak, a retired postal service employee who spent 29 years with the service.

“That creates a shortage,” she said.

The exposed or sick postal employee gets paid under COVID-19 funding while they are off and that is expected to expire possibly in September, she said.

“It is done without having to use the benefit of sick leave,” Sosniak said. “It isn’t unlike other businesses sustaining loss of employees and others who must cover them.”

The USPS does not mandate mask use at this time.


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