Williamsport City Hall workers have until Sept. 20 to exit condemned building

City Hall employees have until Sept. 20 to relocate, a city official said.

Joseph Gerardi, the city codes administrator who condemned the historic building last month due to unhealthy preliminary air quality testing, said he gave Mayor Derek Slaughter notice of an extension in order to get codes enforcement personnel and some of the police officers who remain in the building moved out.

Slaughter said in a telephone call to the Sun-Gazette that he was aware of the two-week extension.

Treasurer and tax collector Nicholas Grimes began to transfer out this week.

The Repasz Band equipment that was stored on the second floor was transferred by employees from Strong Arm Moving Co. to another site in Montgomery borough, movers said Tuesday.

City Hall was condemned after significant water damage and health issues were discovered following storms in July. The roof leaked causing mold and mildew to form and tests done by a company preliminarily indicated air quality issues. That, along with the air ventilation system connected to each office, required Slaughter to take steps to have the building evacuated in stages, said Norman Lubin, city solicitor.

“It was done as a health and safety decision,” Lubin said.


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