Group calls for another look at 2020 election


An organization urging local leaders across the state to take a second look at the results of the 2020 election held an event in Williamsport Saturday. The group hosted a presentation from Seth Keshel, a speaker who has been traveling the country sharing his research alleging trends didn’t match in the 2020 election results.

The event came just a few days after a group of local residents told the Lycoming County commissioners they were seeking a hand recount of votes from the 2020 election. Audit the Vote PA is a movement that started with a petition in February of 2021 by “everyday moms who saw what happened in the November 2020 election and knew something wasn’t right.”

“This is really about regular people who saw what happened during the election and wanted to take action,” Toni Shuppe, CEO of Audit the Vote PA, said. “Education is key and the fix is local.”

Shuppe spoke to the local findings of a Lycoming County canvassing effort that Audit the Vote PA oversaw. The canvassers asked a few questions related to voting and registration and they compared the answers they got at the doors with the State

Department’s certified results.

According to Shuppe, their canvassing led them to the claim that there was a 48% discrepancy rate in Lycoming County regarding voting registrations.

“Of the 346 doors that were knocked, 149 people were there to answer those doors,” Shuppe said. “72 of those 149 showed an anomaly.”

Seth Keshel is a former Army intelligence officer who has been looking at data on the country’s election system since 2004.

“If I had to answer which state is most full of election fraud, I would say it’s Pennsylvania,” Keshel said. “There are about 4,000 fraudulent votes in Lycoming County alone.”

His presentation “Behind the Election Corruption Curtain” doesn’t rely on specific examples of election fraud in the 2020 Presidential race, but on the data that shows election trends in the country.

Keshel first began to look into the 2020 election after the state of Florida favored Donald Trump, but Pennsylvania and Michigan flipped in favor of Joe Biden.

“That was my first indicator,” Keshel said. “If Trump won Florida, I have 88 years of history that PA and Michigan would also go right.”

Keshel says he can show a registration trend in favor of the Republican Party leading up to the 2020 Presidential Election.

“All the data, all the info pointed to a massive expansion of the Republican Party approaching the 2020 election,” Keshel said. “Thirty-two states registered voters by party, and Republicans out-registered Democrats 21 to 1 between 2016 to 2020.”

Keshel’s data begins with the 2004 presidential election.

“In this election, there was a large turnout for both parties, and it was the first election that used widespread software and machines for voting,” Keshel said.

Beginning in 2004 allows Keshel to explain there has been a pendulum trend in this country where, after an eight-year presidential term, the country typically favors the opposing party as a replacement.

“If the trends were to continue the way they have since 2004, Trump should have won his second term,” Keshel said.

Locally, Keshel examined York and Lycoming counties to explain the difference between the certified results of the election and what the trends predicted.

Keshel ended the presentation with a 10-point plan for election integrity. Some of the points, like making Election Day a national holiday, have bi-partisan support. Others, like mandating IDs to vote and banning mail-in voting and all electronic voting machines, do not.


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