PPL to work with customers on paying bills

With the return of air conditioning season, a major electric utility about to increase cost by 30% on June 1 says it will offer guidance and work with anyone struggling with their electric bills.

PPL Electric Utilities has reassured its customers, the utility is there to help.

“We never want to terminate anyone’s service, and we view service termination as an absolute last resort,” said Tracie Witter, PPL regional affairs director.

“This has always been our stance, even before the pandemic and the economic challenges of the day.”

If ever customers are behind on their bills, PPL will work with them to set up payment arrangements or enroll them in one of the utility’s assistance programs, she said.

Businesses on the rebound from COVID may work with the utility to set up a payment plan that works for them.

“If a business is struggling with their electric bills, we will work with them to set up a custom payment plan so they can pay down their balance over time,” Witter said.

“As with our residential customers, if a business works with us to pay down their balance, they will not be at risk of service termination unless they default on an existing payment plan,” she said.


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