Community observes Flag Day at Penn College

SETH NOLAN/Sun-Gazette Correspondent Local scouts and members of the community gathered at Pennsylvania College of Technology on Tuesday evening for the 42nd annual Flags Across America March.

Uniting around the celebration of the symbol of America, local leaders, residents and young Scouts celebrated the 42nd annual Flags Across America March at Pennsylvania College of Technology Tuesday.

“It is vitally important as a nation to honor and value the flag and the nation for which it stands,” Master of the Ceremony Bill Carlucci said.

Williamsport Mayor Derek Slaughter and all three Lycoming County Commissioners also were in attendance.

“Flag Day is an important celebration with a long and rich history,” Slaughter said.

Slaughter provided a brief history of the day and explained the foundation of the local celebration. Made an official holiday in June of 1916, the local celebration was first founded by Anthony DiSalvo.

“Tony DiSalvo loved his God, his country, his family, and his Scouts,” Lycoming County Commissioner Scott Metzger said. “He was a role model to all the youth and truly loved this day.”

Many of Anthony DiSalvo’s relatives were in attendance, including his son, Tony DiSalvo III.

“Dad would be so proud and honored to know this event was still going on,” he said.

Many of the youth in attendance represented various Scout troops in the area and were urged to keep the holiday alive in the same way.

“This day is an opportunity to teach the simple, yet profound, lesson that although we may be a diverse people, the beliefs for which the flag stands for remain the same,” Commissioner Rick Mirabito said. “Your participation is so important to us because we know then that what the flag stands for is being passed down.”

Acknowledging the country’s differences and uniting around the similarities was a common theme throughout the night.

“Our country seems to be in peril,” Commissioner Tony Mussare said. “We are so divided, so intolerant … we are a nation of immigrants and of diverse differences. The 13 colonies were as well, but they knew they had to unite and they did so under one flag and under one nation.”

The historic Repasz Band played famous patriotic marches and songs throughout the event.

One of the things many Boy Scout troops do is retire torn and used American Flags in an official way. Scout leaders urged anyone who has a heavily used flag to donate it to the Scouts.

Members of Scout Troop 38B out of St. Ann’s in Loyalsock officially retired an American flag during the ceremony.


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