Lycoming County commissioners OK Voter Services requests to extend record-keeping, apply for grant

A resolution to extend the retention of federal election records from November 2020 through the end of 2023 was approved by the Lycoming County Commissioners.

“This is to memorialize actions already taken by voter services,” said Forrest Lehman, director of Voter Services.

The move was recommended by the Pennsylvania Department of State, he added.

Approval for the county to apply for Act 88 election grant funds was given by the commissioners.

This is a new annual grant form of funding that reimburses the counties for nine discrete categories of election and voter registration related expenditures, Lehman told the commissioners.

“Notably, these grants are expected to assist with county poll worker expenditures, with ballot paper and printing and with costs to pre-canvass mail ballots on election day,” Lehman said.

“It will require some additional steps on the part of the counties who are accepting these funds,” he added.

One of the requirements attached to the funds, Lehman explained, was that the counties are required to start pre-canvassing their mail ballots at 7 a.m. on election day.

“Also, counties are required to certify that we are complying with specific parts of the election code, with which we are already complying, but we have to sign off on it,” he said.

“And counties are required to post a few additional reports that have always been publicly available, but now we’ll be posting,” he continued.

“So, overall, acceptance of these funds are not a big lift for us,” he added.

In other business, the commissioners approved the following personnel actions for the month of August: Taylor Paulhamus, full-time temporary law clerk in the public defender’s office, $43,666 annually; Kaylee Richhart, full-time custodial worker in facilities management, $12.21 per hour; Michael Brown, truck driver at the Transfer Station, $18 per hour; Richard Rakestraw, Corrections Officer I at the prison, $18.10 per hour; Michael White, promotion to lieutenant at the prison, $29.96 per hour; James Hine, part-time morning driver at the Pre-Release Center, $13.42 per hour; Maleick Fleming, full-time community and development planner, $43,666 annually; Heather Klem, part-time law library director in courts, $22.39 per hour; and Taaha Rehmani, full-time law clerk in courts, $43,666 annually.

The commissioners tabled July’s personnel actions.

In their capacity as the Board of Assessment Revisions, the commissioners approved a refund of $313 to Douglas and Deborah Hopple due to the loss of their home from a fire.

Other items approved were:

• A subrecipient agreement with the Montgomery Water Authority for Community Development Block Grant funding totaling $236,830 for a water line project.

• A resolution regarding the filing of an electronic Redevelopment Assistance Capital Program application for Old City Williamsport mixed-use development.

• An amendment removing old copiers from the maintenance agreement with Marco Technologies LLC.

• A service agreement with Chester County for secure detention and shelter services.

• To award a bid for leachate hauling at the landfill, as needed, to Xtreme Truckin LLC and Miller Environmental Group Inc.

• An agreement with Lezzer Commercial Door for electrified controls on the exit doors at the Third Street Plaza.

The next commissioners meeting will be at 10 a.m. Aug. 18 in the Commissioners’ Board Room, 1st floor Executive Plaza, 330 Pine St.


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